The European Parliament Rewards Hate

Hats off to the British. Aside from all the other reasons to applaud Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (i.e. democracy, national sovereignty), it has voted to secede from an enabler of Palestinian terror and hate education. And if that accusation sounds harsh, consider what transpired in the EU Parliament on the very day of the Brexit referendum.

  • ed

    22/06/16 mamoud abbas gave a 50 minute speech to a packed EU parliament , he was in full jew hatred mode , refered to a thousand years of palistian history ? he was in full arab begging mode , the EU have already given hamas and fatah 10 billion euros ! , and they still live in “shit” [ the newly opened 25 million euro “history of palistian people ” museum ” still has bare walls and floors with no exhibits ] and they all gave him a standing ovation ! [ I watched it on the bbc parliament channel ]

    • Islam is a death cult.

      And the EU fools like the “diversity” of the whole thing.

  • mauser 98

    CNN , NBC etc. on full tilt financial collapse panic mode
    bashing Trump , Farage …asinine
    …end of the world

    the next terror attack will be blamed on Brexit