Montreal: Priests banned from being alone with children

From Guardian:

Catholic priests in Montreal will be banned from being alone with children to provide a “safety net” against allegations of abuse.

Archbishop Christian Lepine has issued a decree to implement the policy, which also covers lay workers and volunteers.

According to the decree, the move was to “ensure the safety and integrity of the people to whom we bring the Gospel message and offer our pastoral care”. But, it added, it was also “to preserve the integrity, security and good reputation of God’s people”. More.

Reality check: Ultimately, parents will be banned from being alone with children. The non-aborted, non-euthanised child will be deemed to be owned by the progressive state. Not many of them will be needed either.

See also: War against Christians in the professions in Canada. Christians are just target practice.

  • ontario john

    Does anyone find it ironic that leftists rant about homosexual priests abusing small boys, but advocate homosexual rights within the church. Will islamic imams be banned from goats?

    • The goats need a lobby.

    • ghost of benghazi

      So what if all the adults in the room are child abusers then what? Kind of how it worked in Boston. They do not have a Priest problem, they have a paedophile problem which tends to have a gay majority, and to not call it by its correct name allows it to continue. So the question is how to keep evil from hiding behind good . If you shut down the Church these men will go somewhere else like the hockey rink.

  • SDMatt

    It’s really all about keeping gays from being alone with children, which given their track record seems wise.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      They could exclude gays from the Parrish like they are SUPPOSED TO.
      Have they thought is that?

    • Alain

      Really? I guess that explains having no problem with allowing a couple of homosexuals to adopt small children.

      • SDMatt

        Well we don’t know that there’s “no problem.” We’ve – and by that I mean the crazies who run things – embarked on a social experiment whereby kids who should be in a home with a female mom and a male dad have been put into something completely different, any consideration for the child’s welfare be damned for the sake of “progressiveness,” “equality,” and the desire to “not hurting feelings.”

        We’ve seen some lesbian couples decide that their normal young male child should have a sex change operation. This is criminal and the state as well as those who approve of these arrangements are to blame.

    • DMB
  • Blind Druid

    A Roman Catholic priest, a faggot and a pedophile walk into a bar — and that was just the first guy.

  • ntt1

    it was this kind of thinking that pushed men out of teaching kids, My son only had two male teachers in his elementary schooling and they have since left.
    Teaching today is run by hard left feminists . The result is the feminized neo bolsheviks filling the university’s easy pass soft sciences faculties.

    • canminuteman

      You’re right, but I wouldn’t risk my life to do that job. It might have been safe 50 years ago, but kids today are evil. They know they can ruin you if they choose, and if they decide they want to ruin you they will find a way. Even if you take the precaution of never being alone with a kid, and never being behind a closed door with kids, it only takes an accusation and you’re done. Even if it’s a lie and there is no proof, your done.

    • Alain

      I also left teaching for that reason and of course other reasons, such as undisciplined kids with worse parents. You made sure never to allow yourself to be alone in any room or place with a student, female or male, since it left you defenceless in the face of a made-up accusation. Not getting the grade they thought they were entitled to could bring on such a situation. This became necessary for all teachers, especially male teachers, for their own protection rather than for the protection of the students. Later in a totally different career I discovered that the virus of radical feminism had arrived there to the point that it became almost impossible to deal effectively with a problem female employee. Bring up her work performance or leave abuse and she screams sexual discrimination. One already knew to always have another manager in the room, preferably a woman, when meeting with the problem employee. Otherwise you left yourself open to a sexual harassment charge. The worst part of all this is that be it students or adults who make false charges they never suffer any consequence, whereas the reputation of the man accused remains damaged no matter what.

      • ntt1

        false charges must be punished with the same severity as the hoaxed crime. and they should be a bar to legal professional status.

  • canminuteman

    For his own personal security an adult should never be alone with a child who he is not related to. It’s just too dangerous. All it takes is an accusation from the kid, or an adult and your life is ruined. Too big a risk.