‘Our tolerance to their intolerance can be deadly’

A solution to a problem is impossible if the true nature of the problem is distorted.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and most of my relatives in Ontario believe America has a gun problem.

In fact, the bodies were still warm in San Bernardino when Obama used that pre-Christmas massacre to do some politicking about gun control. The president last week became irate when criticized for not using the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ in the context of either the San Bernardino or Orlando shootings. Regarding Orlando, Obama did say the shooter had a “hate problem” and implied that a root problem was America’s own intolerance.

British journalist Milo Iannopolis believes the United States has a “Muslim problem” and that our tolerance to their intolerance can be deadly.

  • Oracle9

    Can’t people use reason any more? Is foggy thinking now a prerequisite for becoming a political leader?

    To follow this logic that it’s the fault of the weapon and not the fault of allowing dangerous people to roam free in our society, a coherent policy must therefore be to likewise ban all objects with sharp edges and all machinery, appliances such as pressure cookers, and all chemicals which could be used for mass mayhem.

  • Alain

    Outside of the United States the mantra has been for a very long time that Americans have a gun problem and a gun culture and so on. This is all that has ever been fed to them by their media and talking heads. The facts and truth about guns and crime there are always ignored. In Canada it has become so bad that far too many who think they are just so enlightened think Americans using a gun to stop being killed, raped or robbed are the bad guys. I have found that once any false socialist idea is implanted in the minds of many Canadians, no amount of reasoning, logic, facts or evidence will sway them.

    • Too many Canadians derive their sense of self from smug anti-Americanism.

      • Alain

        I find that they are also the ones whose sole sense of national identity is that they are not Americans. When your national identity is based on not being your neighbour, therefore negative, I suggest you don’t have one at all. They are also the ones who think Canada only came into existence in the 60s and are totally ignorant of our history.

    • Oracle9

      Tried to get reason through my lefty friends’ heads for twenty years now with no progress. There is nothing more sublimely hypocritical than a lefty enjoying the benefits a free secular democracy.

      • Alain

        I hear you, and that is why I don’t even bother any more unless it seems to be a person with an open mind. They will change their opinion when you can show them why what they were told is false. However, they are few and far between.

  • mauser 98

    …Barry has about 7 months left to rampage and destroy
    Pentagon will formally open the ranks to transgender troops.


  • Linda1000

    Do these people look like responsible elected representatives to you? Every single shooting incident from now until Ozero leaves office will turn into a reason for gun control.

  • Gary

    Wasn’t that odd that within 12 hours of the Chapel Hill shooting Obama had no problem assigning a motive for the 3 dead muslims as “islamophobia” . But a devout muslim that supports ISIS and used the quran that sanctioned his slaughtering 49 homosexuals , wounds 53 others , while he called 9-1-1 to boast about and praise allah…….has NOTHING to do with islam while Lynch-mob Loretta claims that the FBI is still looking for a motive.

    Note how Obama didn’t go on a rant about gun control until a Muslim was the killer in Orlando to absolve islam of the slaughter , yet Chapel Hill was because the dead were muslims which points to islamophobia.

    I love it how the muslims used the Chapel Hill shooting to play the victim and insist the killing was a hatred for muslims. It will be pretty rich for those muslims to now claim that the Pulse club slaughter wasn’t from the hatred for gays when the target was a gay bar and the jihad was well planned out .

    When muslims kill… it’s never their fault .
    Innocent by reason of islamity .