Muslim Tower Hamlets Voted 67% to Stay in EU

The anti-Brexit vote mainly came from major cities, particularly those with large Muslim populations. The biggest Stay support came out of London. And in London, few places were as enthusiastically pro-EU as Taliban Tower Hamlets which voted to stay by 67%.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They should move to Germany while they can, I hear welfare payments are generous.

  • moraywatson

    67% of Londonistan’s muslims thought they were voting for infidels to Remain in Britain and pay the jizya. 33% of Londonistan’s muslims thought they were voting for all the infidels to Leave.

  • Daviddowntown

    Whodda thunk it?

  • B__2

    By the UK government’s own statistics, the borough of Tower Hamlets, when compared to Britain’s other 326 Local Authority Areas, has
    – 3rd most deprived area
    – 6th lowest average income
    – 5th highest crime rate
    – 118th in unemployment
    – 1st in child poverty
    – 11% of people aged 46-65 are on disability payments compared to 7% nationally, although overall the rate for people aged 16-65 is 3.7% compared to a national rate of 4.8%
    – Unemployed rate of 19% for non-whites, compared to about 7% for those of white ethnicity

    43% of the Tower Hamlets population was born outside the UK, compared to 14% nationally
    12% of the Tower Hamlets population was born in Europe, compared to 5% in 2001

    Even thought the unemployment rate seems to be average compared to the rest of the country, this may be misleading as people who are unemployed but not looking for work are not counted in the unemployment figures. In Tower Hamlets, of the 204k residents 16 years or older, 66k are not looking for work, or about a third of the population. The actual unemployment rate could be far higher, with a section of the female population possibly unwilling to participate due to cultural reasons – Shari’a?

    In conclusion, Tower Hamlets has a huge immigrant population and has a very high actual unemployment rate, both factors might explain the acceptance of a willingness to live under a socialist non-democratic European regime.