It’s not the guns to blame, it’s the ideology

“…The political left has developed a huge blind spot resulting from their desire to cultivate American Muslims as a special interest group firmly ensconced in the Democratic Party’s left hip pocket. I remember the first time I heard someone refer to anti-Islamic rhetoric as “racist.” It gave me pause as Islam is not a race, at least not when I last checked. Some have termed it the “racialization of Islam.”

  • ntt1

    Label progressives as hezbollah;( the party of the muslim god) supporters. it attacks their hypocrisy on religiosity and exposes their support for a murderous cult. One of my favorite targets ,a hipster painter has given up wearing his kaffiyeh as a neckerchief after being mocked for his stupidity . progressives feel that they are more evolved, more superior , ruthless mocking helps get them back on track,maybe even to eventually realize truth.

    • UCSPanther

      I view the kaffiyeh in the same light as I view the red swastika armband: They are both symbols of hate.