ISIS are a gang of cowardly ‘repressed Nazis,’ says France’s leading philosopher as he urges Britain to back Peshmerga forces

The Islamic State rose to power so quickly because the Arab world falsely believed it had escaped the influence of the Nazis, France’s leading philosopher has claimed.

Bernard-Henri Levy, whose documentary about Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers battling Isil will soon be screened in Britain, said he believed the jihadist threat was “the last pearl to be released from the Nazi oyster.”

“We are facing a world wave that started early in the early twentieth century, arriving at its peak now,” said the so-called “warrior-philosopher,” who visited the frontlines of northern Iraq during filming.

  • Everyone Else

    “France’s leading philosopher” is the same joker who convinced Obama & Hillary to kill Qaddafi.

    These “intellectuals” who peddle lethal bullshit are never held accountable for the consequences.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They didn’t need any convincing.

  • Tokenn

    So before the 1930’s, the Muslim world was all peaceful and tolerant? The preceding millennia of jihad and conquest and brutality was somehow different from what has happened since 1945? I avoid making the Nazi-Islam comparison because it sounds like hyperbolic Internet BS…but really, it’s not. Both are thoroughly poisonous, malevolent anti-Western ideologies. The Nazis brought modern industrialism and snappy uniforms to their genocide, but aside from that there’s not much difference. Just ask the Armenians.