Harbinger Of The Future: 7 Times The Militant Progressive Left Used Violence To Shut Down Donald Trump

As presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump gears up for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July – where he is almost certain to face angry progressive protesters – Breitbart News has compiled a list of the worst examples of anti-Trump violence so far this year.

  • Dana Garcia

    The left is always about getting its way by any means necessary.

    Another example is the demand for a do-over of the Brexit vote because the margin of victory wasn’t sufficient and the voter turnout wasn’t high enough — unclear on the concept of an election!


  • Alain

    How many are being paid to do this? How many others buy into the lies and disinformation spewed by the media? I ask as I just was talking to a neighbour, who is a good person and normally down-to-earth married to a husband who hunts, but who gets her news from our MSM. The subject of terrorists came up, and she was outraged that the Republicans had blocked a bill which would have prevented terrorists from buying guns. I asked how so, and she said because the Republicans were against barring those on a no-fly list from buying guns. This is exactly how instead of reporting facts, the MSM push their narrative and sell it to those who do not know better.

  • All Too Much

    Chicago 1968 Democrat convention will seem mild by the end of Summer. 2016.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump has proven quite skilled in using these left-wing goons to his advantage.

  • Gary

    They fear the welfare will be cut off while others wil be deported to the hell-hole that crawled out of.

    Hillary is their kind of scumbag weasel and traitor .