Britain’s great divide

The referendum has exposed a huge rift between the metropolitan elite and the rest

In Notting Hill Gate, in west London, the division was obvious. On the east side of the street was a row of privately owned Victorian terraced houses painted in pastel colours like different flavoured ice creams. These houses, worth £4 million to £6 million each, were dotted with Remain posters. On the west side was a sad-looking inter-war council block, Nottingwood House, which had dirty bricks and outside staircases and corridors. No posters there. But that is where my fellow campaigners and I headed — down to the basement entrances with their heavy steel gates. We looked up the names on the canvassing sheets and rang the bell of one flat after another until we found someone who would buzz us in. This was the hunting ground for the Leave campaign.

The referendum revealed a great divide in Britain.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When the “remain” were all ‘bought’ and the people that were not to be bought found that they were to become ‘farmed like cattle’, they got a little uppity.
    See this passage from the story.

    “For the ‘haves’, it has been a boon. The Notting Hill crowd now has cheap, highly qualified Polish builders, well-educated Polish cleaners and perhaps a Romanian nanny for their children. They go to Caffè Nero and are served by polite Italians. They feel deliciously international and open-minded while enjoying cheaper, better services than they otherwise would.”

    I’d love to see “burn it all down” on a ballot initiative.

    • Me too, it must end.

    • Hktony

      They do not realise that these servers hate these middle class tossers. They smile at them at say yes sir / madam but they feel contempt. These smug middle class will never really change and believe they are the chosen ones who must be served.
      Worse than these people, lets call them natural muddle class, are those who sold out their working class roots and changed coats. These I personally despise more. Often teachers and social workers they smell of fear.
      Sadly the working class communities have been destroyed in large cities and have lost what community resistance they had.
      So the civil war will eventually be the only solution, as it has really been the case from the beginning. Brexit was just an interlude. The decision makers are still there and won’t budge. Amongst them are the traitors such ad boris , carswell pretending to be in the side of the patriot. They are paid traitors to the real british or should I now say English.
      So the war continues. And as in all battles only one side can win. Today as yesterday democracy is a sham, window dressing to keep us asleep.
      The bbc/cnn/rt/nyt all peddling lies as usual. Little has changed actually but at least we won this battle. More to come!

  • robins111

    The divide is equally apparent in Canada, but the schism tends to be geographic.

    • Alain

      Absolutely and also between big urban centres and rural.

      • Will Quest

        & a gender specific schism …………….

  • ed

    labour baroness Tessa jowell has just said on sky news .she want`s parliament to ” reject” the leave vote and remain in the EU , she and the rest of traitors are the main reason 18 million people voted to leave . they still don`t get it ! [ oh ! and every day she signs in at the house of lords she collects £350.00 yes £350.00 every day TAX FREE along with her gold plated government pension of £ 68.000 per year [ ed uk ]

  • tom_billesley
    • Alain

      Standard operating procedure for the Left.

  • canminuteman

    And the million dollar homes are all owned by Russian and other foreign gangsters looking for somewhere safe to launder their ill gotten gains.