Brexit Right

“…This was the failure of empathy. The economic benefits of globalization are diffuse, it turns out, and its costs highly concentrated. For the worker whose factory has shuttered, cheaper T-shirts offer scant consolation. And the costs of cultural dislocation, although more difficult to quantify, are equally real. It is no coincidence that cultural discontent increases in the U.S. and the U.K. as a direct function of age—the further removed voters feel from the culture into which they were born, the more alien they feel in their own lands. Instead of addressing the pain many voters felt, politicians spent years telling their constituents they were wrong. Not just wrong, in fact, but dangerously ignorant.”

  • ntt1

    its a bit premature to be doing victory laps in the defeat of globalism, there is a movement to set aside the democratic result and rerun the referendum until the left agree with the result, george soros has not yet been assassinated ,and Trumps ascension is hardly a cake walk at this point.

  • Spatchcocked

    Very grey good article by a Pom at SDA about the reasons for the Brexit vote by the leavers.
    He compares how WE in Canada would respond if NAFTA with the USA morphed into a EU style incremental usurpation of our sovereignty.
    The glue of course is are unscrupulous pols selling us down the river.

    • Alain

      Even as it now exists I wager that were a referendum held on NAFTA today, a majority of Canadians would reject it. I guess I must have missed the one where the majority voted for it to begin with.