‘We’ll Be Back’: Islamic State Losses Could Fuel Sectarian Warfare

Death is always just three water bottles away. They are the small ones, 0.5 liters (1 pint), and some of them are half empty while on others, the seal hasn’t yet been broken. They can be found standing in front of doors, courtyard gates and wall openings: silent warnings set out by Shiite militia fighters to alert of the presence of mines. “Don’t take another step,” say the otherwise quiet fighters who don’t let you out of sight for even a second. “Hell is lying in wait beyond.”

  • canminuteman

    Good, they’re all as bad as each other. It’s only a matter of degree.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Sectarian warfare? Bring it on!

    • Alain

      It has already been going on for a long time. Haven’t you noticed?