Nations Seeking to Ban Islam Keep Growing

“…Non-Muslims are barred from becoming citizens in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Muslim nations. In the Saudi kingdom, not a single non-Muslim house of worship—not a church, synagogue, or temple—is permitted to exist. Non-Muslims may work in these countries, but as undesirable “infidels,” they are denied citizenship.

Yet, to liberal media and talking heads, that’s okay: it’s Muslims’ right to allow and bar whoever they want. But when nations like Hungary, Myanmar, and Samoa try to ban Islam—not out of religious bigotry or because Muslims are “undesirable infidels,” but because of its well documented violent and subversive tendencies—then woe, all is woe.

  • Exile1981

    hopefully the us and canada join the list of countries barring muslims.

    • infedel

      as it should be.

    • Juba Doobai

      Not just barring Muslims, but banning Islam.

  • infedel

    islam you did this to yourselves.

  • I’m sure it has not occurred to certain wags why some countries are behaving this way.

  • Alain

    Stop listening to or giving time to the leftist media and talking heads, just as the majority of voters in the UK just did. Once they lose their audience, they lose all power and control.

  • Gary

    I remember when Imam Steve Rockwell was on the John Oakley radio show where he boasted that Canada will be an islamic state because muslims are out breeding all other groups and will dominate one day.
    Rockwell has supported ISIS enforcing sharia law and wants it here in Canada as a Charter Right to practise islam and sharia. He went on to cite the quran that when muslims become a majority in non-muslims nations or lands they must do Jihad to claim it for allah and the caliphate.

    Yet our PM rejects Imams that say exactly what Rockwell did even when it’s by Justin’s Sunni buddies in Whahhabi mosques in Montreal . Liberals blindly accept claims by muslims that people like Rockwell or Tarek Fatah are islamophobes spew hatred to make islam look bad.

    Obama and Justin can read the Quran and see the verses that sanction murdering gays and doing jihad to steal land from the unbelievers for the Global caliphate.
    Those 24,000 muslim migrants from Syria have already caused trouble and some bitch about the food and free Hotel room. They’re not even citizens yet and people are starting the hate these parasites with few skills to be employable.