Muslim gangster who murdered an innocent nursery school teacher in gang crossfire refuses to attend court ‘for assaulting a prison guard’ due to ‘religious objections’

Yassin James devout Muslim terroristA Muslim gangster accused of assaulting a prison guard while serving a life sentence for murdering a nursery teacher refused to attend court today due to ‘religious objections’.

  • Remind him that being a butthole does not play well among certain strata of the prison population.

    • Minicapt

      Given he is a butthole, he should become quite popular.


  • Alain

    If the death penalty still existed in all our so “enlightened” Western countries, it would have resolved this before it even began.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Match in the gas tank.
      Boom Boom.

    • memphis

      The scum lawyers get rich with 30yrs of appeals then they commute it to Life w/o parole , so start there, no appeals starve the fn lawyers

  • Editor

    Where are the white prison gangs when you need them?

  • memphis

    Charge him with contempt of court jail him in the general population.

  • JJ Joseph

    Muslims love being in jail – it gives them a chance to convert the other prisoners. Lots of extra points when they finally get to heaven. Maybe an extra virgin or two?