Falsifying the Public Record Because It Offends Islam

Next to the propagation of the big lie, one of the most elementary and common devices in manufacturing propaganda is the notion that the truth is something you are not being told.

From conspiracy theorists to those selling patent medicine on the Internet, everyone who whispers the words “secret” and “mystery” is using this device.

But what happens when you already know you’re not being told the truth? The psychological impact is that much greater. Your normal inclination to be taken in by conspiracy theorists is all the more heightened when you know you are not being told the truth.

h/t Marvin

  • infedel

    Ban islam in the West as they ban Christianity…fair is fair.

    • We should.

      • memphis

        We should not tolerate the intolerant

    • DD_Austin

      Then ban it in the east

      Fuck fair, They don’t deserve fair
      make islam extinct, everywhere

      • infedel

        Yes; that would be logical and humanitarian in its true sense.

  • B__2

    Even in the ‘unreacted’ version of the transcript exist lies and obfuscations. Any reference to the muslim god Allah has been replaced by the word God, as if this is the same God that Jews and Christians worship as their god. Only muslims believe that their god is the same as that of the Jewish and Christian god, since any Christian or Jew that believed that Allah was their god would be a Muslim. Anyone translating the word Allah into God is taking the muslim view of this deity and not one of Judaism or Christianity. Allowing this without complaint is to accept that the Jewish and Christian God is just the same as the Muslim god, Allah. Once you have this viewpoint, then the statement that, “All religions have extremists that do bad because they take their revelations from God too literally.” allows all religions to be depicted as equally benign and equally bad, whereas the real truth is that some religions are much, much worse than others, and that Islam is one of the worsts.

  • Lorensacho

    So let’s see, the religion or race of every criminal should be reported by the media. I remember a time when in Western Canada, most criminals had French Canadian names. It gave the community a negative feeling towards French Canadians even though the vast majority of them were law abiding people. To give the law enforcement and media credit, they never identified criminals by their race or religion. But now, crazy fundamentalist Muslims are killing people and there is a hue and cry to identify them by their religion as if by doing so there would be a reduction in these terrorist acts. All that would be accomplished would be the ratcheting up of racism. Not smart.

    • ntt1

      The high incidence of french canadian names involved in crime would only have relevance if the frenchies were beating people up and bombing fast food outlets for insults to the correct way of serving poutine . Muslims are following a strict playbook. the reason muslims are becoming tied to violence is that they follow, to the word, a violent thieving pederast .Islam is a violent supremacist cult .

    • So you are arguing that the authorities should deliberately and systematically hide information from the public.

      Serious question: do you favour democracy, or do you believe that some form of benevolent dictatorship would be an improvement?

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      I agree very much with you because fascists have to demonize even though they created the problem long ago even before 9/11 by having the oil for food program, the Afghan-Russian war by funding the Muhajadeen fighters and by giving the Gulf states money to play the anti-Russian, anti-Iranian and anti-Chinese game. So the real issue is why don’t people ever see the big picture. I feel it is because ideology and running parties is a means to an end to gain power whereby people will only question segments of issues but disregard other issues since it does not serve their agenda of eventually gaining power and I agree that right wing populists need to play games to have money and have careers.

      All of this can be fixed with regards to unity and immigration by having a peaceful nationalism such as civic nationalism and not have the scapegoating, the hatred and by having more wars. It is obvious that there will be more wars going forward and many are mixed on if they should hate Russia or not and the same with China.

      Which is why the only way to build a unity movement and an anti-war Canada is to be against the war class, the political class, the anti-immigration class and the classes that wish to plunge Canada into civil war by such actions. Civic nationalism is a workable solution.

      Many supporting ethnic nationalism wish to have a pro-war movement and an anti-nationalism meaning a free trade and globalization movement in most cases. They never delve too deep. That is why nationalist and protectionist and anti-war movements are crushed since they could lead to national unity. Scapegoating is what haters want and people that never want to tackle banker corruption or financial crimes like what occurred after the 2008-09 financial crisis. No wonder no people went to jail.

      • Clink9

        Lay off the bong.

    • Alain

      Explain how Islam is a race. If you cannot, then STFU.

  • Solo712

    You can’t handle the truth !