Brexit 2.0: Populist Revolt Worldwide Catches Fire

The globalist movement is on the run as the British people on Thursday voted to “Leave” the European Union.

The vote to Brexit—a hard-fought campaign by nationalist populists in the United Kingdom—puts the world elite on their heels, as a similar but bigger and stronger such movement is brewing right here in the United States.

  • African

    David Cameron (vs) Bashar Assad of Syria. Click to see the pics of the day:

  • Linda1000

    Trump is definitely the best candidate for President to come along in decades. How could anyone not possibly see that he’s smart, bold and most importantly a fighter who genuinely wants what’s best for America. The world is already taking note of him and it isn’t even in the final days of the election. The same old, same old sloppy seconds of the Hill and Bill team pales in comparison. Note that Trump himself is the only candidate you are seeing to be President unlike Hillary with Bill in the background.

  • V10_Rob

    Don’t think Britain has to worry too much about the EU retaliating. They’re going to be too busy stamping out copycat independence movements.

    • Alain

      Or doing everything they can to do so.

  • mauser 98
  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump and the Brexit campaign have been feeding off each other. Trump’s arguments on immigration and the economic elites were adopted by the “leave” campaign, while the Brexit vote has bolstered Trump and given Hillary something to think about. It looks like her influence peddling will supersede the emails as the principal mark against her.

    • Alain

      The way I see it in many ways they are much the same. Brexit had to fight an uphill battle against foreign meddlers, the entertainment industry, the media, all the talking heads and worst of all the so-called Conservatives. Trump faces exactly the same thing. Power to Trump and may he win.

      • Linda1000

        Hillary is boring and that’s about the worse thing you can say about someone. Her automated canned responses are not inspiring. Trump is always spontaneous and he is being asked so many questions because people like his unexpected responses.

  • jack burns

    Her reaction to the Brexit news was pretty brief and uninspired. Trump making a statement about it from Scotland after the victory must have looked to her like Godzilla rising out of Tokyo Bay.