Violence against Russia’s web dissidents raises fresh fears for internet freedoms

When Aleksandr Markov heard the doorbell of his St Petersburg apartment earlier this year, he rushed to welcome his guest. But instead of the friend he had been expecting, Markov was surprised to see several strangers on his doorstep.

Then came the blow.

“I was hit in the eye,” he said. “I found myself in the staircase. Someone pushed me from behind and I fell over. They started kicking me.”

  • It’s Russia. Why is anyone surprised?

    • k2

      Yes, they don’t exactly have a tradition of freedom. do they? Unfortunately for the Russian people.

      • Russians do not have the tradition of Locke et al.

        Sadly, they do have traditions of punishing their finest writers.

    • African

      This is nothing but some cheap, anti-Russian pro-faggot Western propaganda

    • Clausewitz

      Just one of Obama’s Orgasmic fantasy’s, total control over the internet through what he laughingly calls “Net Neutrality”.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It’s Russia, Jake.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In America we just sick black mobs and the media on you.