Trudeau’s Canada: Citizenship for terrorists

Zakaria Amara, Muslim terrorist and Justin Trudeau's multicultural ideal.

Zakaria Amara, Muslim terrorist and Justin Trudeau’s multicultural ideal.

A convicted Islamist terrorist is one step closer to being granted Canadian citizenship, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.

Trudeau successfully rammed his controversial Bill C-6 through the House of Commons on the last day before summer recess. Now all that’s left is a rubber stamp from the Senate.

The bill repeals a Stephen Harper-era law that enabled the government to strip Canadian citizenship from foreign-born citizens convicted of terrorism.

This isn’t exactly controversial. Most Western countries have similar laws. Most Canadians agree citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and not something to be handed out to convicted jihadists.

  • JoKeR

    The Trudeau doctrine

  • Okay, why aren’t people rioting?

    This is a tyranny, not a democracy.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Well, in these parts, we’ll riot over a lost Stanley Cup Final. Turning us into a province of the caliphate and enslaving us to Sharia? Apparently not so much.

    • john700

      In Ontario, we live in the first homosexual dictatorship.

      • It’s like a regular dictatorship but with more rainbow flags.

  • Maggat


  • Canadian Born

    This is totally unbelievable and Canadians are standing by and letting this happen? I really think Junior and McCallum have mental issues that need to be addressed. I am 70 years old and this country has gone downhill since senior Trudeau was the head of the Canadian government and Junior is taking it the rest of the way. Shame on this government and shame on us for not fighting against this. Terrorists should NOT be given Canadian citizenship and should be definitely be sent back to the hell hole they came from. Please tell me what the “F” is the matter with this jerk that is ruining Canada.

    • john700

      I have a proposal: Give this guy citizenship and in exchange strip Trudeau of his citizenship.

      • mobuyus

        They’re both fucken terrorists

        • But imagine PM Nancy-Boy crying because he has to live in Afghanistan now.

  • Trudeau grants Canadian citizenship to terrorists. The issue for me is whether I am willing to remain a Canadian citizen myself under Trudeau’s re-definition of Canada as a non-Sovereign, non-Nation State that sympathizes with Islamic terrorism, and increasingly functions like a Socialist dictatorship.

    My Canadian ancestry goes back centuries on one side of the family — to the earliest Francophone settlers of the place once known by the Iroquoian term “Kanata”. But I also have more recent bloodlines to two other Nations — I am eligible for citizenship in both of those Nations due to the recent bloodlines. I’m seriously considering changing citizenship as I approach retirement. Euthanasia being another factor — neither of the other two countries practice euthanasia and it is unlikely that they ever will.

    • john700

      When you mentioned euthanasia, I thought you consider that as a way to become free of Trudeau and the idiots who put him in power (2/3 of Canadians).

      • Yes, I agree. If Justin is euthanized problem solved.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          How do you euthanize someone who is already brain dead?

    • Linda1000

      Americans are concened about the boy prince dropping the visa requirements for Mexicans and the intake of so many muslim refugees also because of the long open northern border and being hit from two sides.

      • During the Cold War Canada was known as a major entry point for KGB infiltration into the U.S. But we were a lot smarter then — Canada and U.S. cooperated closely in entrapping those agents and pretending we didn’t notice what the Soviets were up to. It’s public knowledge today because some of those operations have been declassified. RCMP is credited with doing tremendous work on that front.

        But the boy prince doesn’t even acknowledge the contemporary threats to freedom. He’s part of the threat and I hope Trump gets right up in his face and insults the prissy turd right to his face. If worse comes to worse and the CIA needs an agent for operations against the Trudeau regime, I’m available. I’d do it out of patriotism to the Canada I once knew.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Change is voting for Western Separatists.

  • CodexCoder

    SO who do we sue when said terrorist returns to his former means of employment? I think that all members of both houses should be on the line if they voted in favor of C-6. But the law doesn’t apply to them as it would to, say, a normal person or corporation.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well how else can you get elected to Parliament?

  • Blacksmith

    It is too bad that it is the elites who will never suffer the consequences of these actions.

  • mobuyus

    justine’s empty-head has always whistled the muslim call to prayer only now the whistling seems louder.

  • Alain

    In the short time that the Liberals managed by hook or crook to regain power, they have been very busy erasing and eradicating the very existence of the previous government, and it isn’t finished.

  • Gary

    So when a muslims refugee or immigrant with their citizenship slaughter 100 homosexuals in bars via a bomb or shooting spree….Justin will defend the terrorists rights to slaughter gays and keep his citizenship to slaughter more gays when he gets out.

    Yep, he a liberal .