This demands the Nuclear option…

Switzerland: Basel schools drop pork from lunches to avoid offending Muslims

Bombs Away!

Pickled Pork Tongues From Costco

  • FutureShocks

    Jesus fucking H Christ! What’s next…? They demand Sharia? And get it? Why not, right? If one demand can go through, why not another, and another, and another… It will never fucking end! UNTIL IT DOES END! ALL OF IT! THE END! A death-cult does not promote life. It promotes death and servitude to it! And shall you fall away from it, you WILL feel its preaching!

    Has the whole fucking planet lost their minds? Is this how civilized societies end? By being too tolerant to savages and old religions? Huh? What the fuck happened to flying cars and space travel! Holy fuck!

  • infedel

    Hell no…islam offends me and nothing is done to safeguard us in are in our Western lands from foreign hostile invaders.

  • Clausewitz

    July first is Canada Day (Actually it’s Dominion Day, but don’t get me started), one of my favourite days of the year because that’s when I go to Ribfest. Great Ribs, cold beer, good music, and a Muslim free environment.

  • simus1

    Last of these huge jars cleared out at less than 4 bucks each.

    I think I’m set now for quite a while protein-wise come hell or high water.
    They are still holding firm on the one litre bottles of Nando’s Peri – Peri sauce …..