Shameful: Muslims Hear National Anthem, Respond by not Standing up

Now, typically, if you’re going to live in someone else’s country, you show respect for the nation you now call home, especially if your stay turns out to be a permanent one.

  • Someone should accidentally them.

    • Rosenmops

      You left something out…maybe “accidently kicked them down the stairs”

      • It would look bad if I got banhammered. 😉

    • Blacksmith

      So many options……

  • Gary

    They don’t minding standing at an ATM machine when the welfare checks come in.

    Behold the Master-Race , they want other to bow to allah while they won’t stand to show respect to others .
    And they wonder why islam is the most hated quasi-faith on Earth and why they are seen a malcontent sloths .

    • Will Quest

      Their supremacist effrontery knows no limits ……..

  • Ron MacDonald

    Someone should have smacked them on the back of their heads.

    • huron


    • They have so much respect for their new countries.

      (sarcasm function disabled)

    • Alain

      Sorry to be so gross but urinating on the bunch would have made sense.

      • Editor

        Trip and dump a couple of beers on them would also probably work.

    • Editor

      As much as I agree with you, can you imagine the cair supported lawsuit that would result. I bet you half the reason for not standing is their belief that their death cult takes precedence over loyalty to their country but they are also hoping someone says something so they can cry islamophobia and cash in.

  • canminuteman

    People will eventually catch on to the fact that they are the enemy and stop being so polite.

    • Alain

      If they haven’t caught on by now, I am not sure there is any hope for them.

      • canminuteman

        The subject has come up at work a number of times, and the number of people who are just normal people who are not news junkies whose only source of information is the MSM is shocking. They are good people, but frankly don’t pay much attention to the world around them and consequently believe what they see on the MSM. These people are still reachable if you can get them interested. They are just too busy going about their lives to care too much.

        • Alain

          I know exactly what you mean. These are the people who bought without a second thought the never ending disinformation and lies spewed by the MSM for ten years (the HDS) and voted Liberal. They are also the ones who buy the same dishonest version of Trump and worst is they are buying the deadly lie that there is nothing but good with mass immigration including Muslims. I agree that for most of them they are not bad people, but their indifference and being too lazy to fact check the propaganda they are getting has serious and deadly consequences for the country.

      • memphis

        It took 450yrs to launch the First Crusade things happen much faster nowadays.

  • Martin B

    Achmed took the time to make sure all his hags were bagged, but getting off his fat ass for a moment was too much trouble.

    Meanwhile, In India:

    Muslim clan thrown out of theater for disrespecting national anthem. “This is my country. If you can’t stand for the national anthem, you should f*** o**!”

    • Gary

      The new high tech media for real-time news to anyone with a smart or PC has exposed islam and muslims for what they are since they cause trouble in every nation they pour into or try to occupy are they grow in numbers .
      Zero in Nukes on Mekkah and then put them on notice to stop the beheading’s and pedophilia to emulate their false prophet of doom.
      Give the 6 month and BANG , mekkah’s gone and next is medina .

  • simus1

    There are no time outs once better muslim competitions start.

  • SDMatt

    True story: in the Seventies my wife had a Mohammadan classmate who would leave the room when O Canada was played.

    • This person could leave the country altogether.

      • Rosenmops

        Yup. Don’t stop outside the classroom. Just head straight for the airport.

  • All Too Much

    I expected the event to be in Canada.
    Trump’s campaign loves it.
    The other side can’t ignore it or excuse it.
    Squeezed on their own collective petard.

  • Canada used to have a national anthem.

    Used to.

    • Alain

      Yes, it was The Maple Leaf Forever, just as we used to have a true national flag.

      • Clausewitz

        This is what flies at my cottage when I’m in residence.

        • I like the Maple Leaf we have now.

          It will be phased out shortly.

      • There is nothing wrong with the newer editions.

        At least there weren’t until that pansy opened his fat yap.

  • pdxnag

    They are not citizens, never will be. They do not belong here.