If gays deviate from Elton John’s cliches, Facebook censors them

Last January, the British Gay Times, after the attacks in Paris and the videos showing ISIS throwing gays from the roofs of buildings in Raqqa, the magazine asked its readers: “Is Islam a threat to the gay community?”. The response of the majority of readers was: “No”.

Post-Orlando, Facebook is now enforcing the injunction and turned down a page of the magazine Gaystream, after it published an article critical of Islam in the wake of the massacre in Florida. Gaystream editor, David Berger, had heavily criticized the director of the Gay Museum in Cologne, Birgit Bosold, who told the media that she feared white conservative men more than Islamic radicals and migrants.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We sent you life boats. You turned them down. You’re on your own now. Godspeed and good luck, gays.

    • They do seem a bit thick.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Hey BCF,
        I know K. loves the Who but how does she explain Tommy?
        I love the Who as well.
        Quadrophenia is one of my favourite records and movies as well.
        And the song I Can See For Miles is one of the greatest songs ever written.
        But, Tommy?
        Aside from the Ann Margret, the performances of Tina Turner and Elton John in that movie are horrible.

    • Clausewitz

      Yep, used to care. But in the end they don’t want equality, they want special status and supremacy just like the folks coming here from the middle east who will exterminate them.

  • G

    Like many musicians I like Elton John’s music but I hate him. He’s an idiot savant.

    • Clausewitz

      Anything after Yellow Brick Road is shitty Pap. That was his height, and it’s all been downhill after that.

  • I wonder how many e-coli infested dicks that mouth has been wrapped around?