Hamas Is ISIS’s Deadly New Best Friend

Hamas has a new ally in the Middle East. The ISIS affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, known as ISIS Sinai Province or simply Sinai Province, is helping Hamas smuggle arms and other supplies into the Gaza Strip from Egypt. This new relationship is one of the many unforeseen consequences of the Arab Spring and the growing instability in the Middle East, bringing a fresh threat to America’s Egyptian and Israeli allies. It’s also more evidence of Iran’s ambition to become a regional hegemon.

  • UCSPanther

    So much for the conspiracy theory circling in antisemite circles that the Islamic State is a creation of Israel…

    • Jay Currie

      Good heavens, you do not recognize the true cleverness of the JOOOOOOs. First they invented the PLO which morphed into the PA and then, to ensure a disaster in Gaza, they invented Hamas, they created Hezbollah to create chaos in Lebanon and then ISIS to fight Hezbollah.

      Mossad is far more devious than you think. Osama bin Laden, who is still alive and living on a kibbutz just outside Haifa, was, in fact, a Mossad tool from the age of three. Clever I telz ya….

      • UCSPanther

        When all else fails, blame the Jews.

        Definitely a poor strategy for solving problems…

    • Minicapt

      Given the general level of performance exhibited by the Arab tribal contingents over time, someone had to try to sort and sort things out.


      • Jay Currie

        Again, Minicapt, you underestimate the effectiveness of the JOOOOOs. In order to gain world hegemony, a tiny group like the Jews has to use stealth. For example, in ’67 they beat the combined Arabs hollow…but, if you go to Egypt to this day, being driven back beyond the Suez is hailed as a triumph by the Egyptians. That level of self delusion could only have been masterminded by Mossad. Or the wonderful Black September Organization founded to avenge the murders and deportations of many thousands of noble Palestinian fighters by the King of Jordan because the JOOOOOs fooled him into thinking the Palis attempted coup was the real thing.

        When you dig deep and use the lens of Israel derangement syndrome you’ll find the Jews behind pretty much everything from the Crusades onwards.

        No, really (/sarc)

  • mobuyus

    More assholes in need of killing.