Brexit! BBC Calls Leave to win!

It’s BREXIT! EU referendum delivers a resounding Leave vote as Nigel Farage hails a ‘victory for real people’ – but Pound slumps to 31 YEAR low and stocks tumble as markets panic


BBC says Britain votes leave!

BBC Leave Wins

Results so far Way too close to call at this point.

Note that Remain lead early largely due to the fact that constituencies expected to vote Remain reported first. Of note is that Newcastle which was expected to heavily vote Remain saw the stay vote only just squeak by at a 50 to 49% result. The Orkney Islands and Gibraltar, small constituencies also were expected to vote remain. Sunderland walloped Remain for the leave side bearing in mind that the majority vote decides the outcome not a majority of constituencies. 16.8 Million votes in favour “of” needed to win.

Watch the BBC talking heads at this link, they actually have a good system for weighting each constituency.

Counting is under way in a referendum that will decide whether the UK remains a member of the European Union.

The counting is taking place at centres around the UK in a vote widely seen as too close to call.

There is no exit poll – so the millions who cast a ballot will have to wait until results start coming in to find out how the country voted.

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