Assailant shot dead after shots fired at cinema complex in #Frankfurt Germany

Update From DW – A heavily armed man who barricaded himself in a cinema in the German town of Viernheim has been shot dead. According to a German broadcaster at least 25 people have been injured.

Note the injured patrons likely suffered tear-gas exposure.

From Frankfurter Allgemeine

A special task force (SEC) of the police, the risk is averted in southern Hesse Viernheim by a man who had holed up in a cinema center. The man had been shot by the police, said Interior Minister of Hesse Peter Beuth (CDU) on Thursday in the state parliament in Wiesbaden.

FAZ.NET learned from police sources that the perpetrator must have entered from 15:00 the “Kinopolis” previously. He was armed, masked, and to have shot four times. Whether it has acted as bursts or single shots, is open. There were apparently several injured. Several local stations reported unanimously that were up to 50 visitors of cinema injured by tear gas. To this end, there was no confirmation.

An armed man has opened fire at a cinema complex in western Germany, according to German media. Up to 50 people have been wounded.

Between 20 and 50 people have been wounded, according to the Darmstadter Echo.

There are unconfirmed reports that 40 people are being held hostage.

Reports are vague still – Shooting in German cinema, several injured

Twitter – Frankfurt

From the Local German EditionPolice arrest gunman at central German cinema: reports

Darmstädter echo

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    • No idea what’s up yet and German media are as bad as the Swedes when it comes to identifying “assailants”.

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        Well you can probably tell by how much of a hurry Momma Merkel is to get the news out before the polls close in UK.

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          Exactly! you nailed it! What are the chances this was the act of a German right wing nut or a Muslim migrant or Muslim of German citizenship?

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    Fake! Germany has strict gun control laws. There is no NRA or 2nd Amendment in Germany. This story is impossible. Impossible!

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    Not to all idiot progressives, his should not have happened as gun legislation in Germany is considered among the strictest gun control in the world.

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