About that Toronto poster against Islamophobia

Who was the PR firm? Fire their asses. Look at the poster. Just look at it:


Reality check: Does anyone honestly really believe that “Go back where you came from” was what that guy was thinking?

Come on. I grew up with guys like him. I know what he was thinking:

= 1. Could she possibly be interested? 2. How easy would it be to find out? (I don’t want trouble just for asking.)

So let’s see. Toronto taxpayers paid tons of good money on a campaign that features a scene that would never happen this way. Sure. That’ll help.

Whose idea was this anyway? Why wasn’t it stopped immediately in draft?

Also, how many progressive (leftist) governments do we have to waste before we can at least have honest, normal conversations again? Waste them now or waste them later, but we do need to start talking honestly, without their interference.

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