About that Toronto poster against Islamophobia

Who was the PR firm? Fire their asses. Look at the poster. Just look at it:


Reality check: Does anyone honestly really believe that “Go back where you came from” was what that guy was thinking?

Come on. I grew up with guys like him. I know what he was thinking:

= 1. Could she possibly be interested? 2. How easy would it be to find out? (I don’t want trouble just for asking.)

So let’s see. Toronto taxpayers paid tons of good money on a campaign that features a scene that would never happen this way. Sure. That’ll help.

Whose idea was this anyway? Why wasn’t it stopped immediately in draft?

Also, how many progressive (leftist) governments do we have to waste before we can at least have honest, normal conversations again? Waste them now or waste them later, but we do need to start talking honestly, without their interference.

See also: Gun control as Orlando denial

  • mauser 98

    CBC has been drilling same for 50 years
    if you are white you are no good and a racist

    • Americadies

      8,000+ gun deaths last year, 80% by blacks. Maybe if the left acknowledged reality they could figure out what should be done.

  • Because objecting to the presence of a violent supremacist settler cult in your own country is racist -Doubly so if the objection is raised by a white male.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    Use this poster as an inset in your own ads. Emblazon the top with “Muslim beliefs are part of Toronto. As soon as we are strong enough, all of you infidels must submit or die.” At the bottom put the small print “Learn the truth about the teachings of Islam” and point to a website or cite Quran and hadiths.

  • ontario john

    Its more likely that she would be saying to him, “Convert to islam or die”, or perhaps sharia law for Canada.

  • simus1

    A close relative of “tourism advertising” ?
    One part information and nine parts sleazy patronage for the insiders.

  • PaulW

    How about we help them out with some friendly suggestions for different captions to that poster? Here are a couple:

    “I wonder what she’d look like without that ugly bag thing.”

    “Are you out without a male guardian? I think I’ll have to report you to your father.”

  • Yo Mama

    I thought it would be more like,
    Man: “I wish I wasn’t standing so close, but it’s rush hour and the bus is packed”.
    Woman: “I wonder how much I can get from the victim compensation fund, if I scream and say he threatened my life?”

    • dukestreet

      Better to say” I wish I wasn’t standing so close, but it’s rush hour and the bus is packed”.
      Woman: “I wonder how much I can get from the victim compensation fund, if I scream and say he tried to pull off my headscarf.”More acceptable and not required to prove anything really happened. The HRT will take it for sure.

  • moraywatson

    “I find your projection of totalitarian-supremacist politics to be offensive.”

    • k2

      Maybe he’s just happy to see her….

      • moraywatson

        Is that a suicide belt under your burka, or are you just happy to slay the infidel wherever you may find him.

  • glasnost

    How about: “If you want to display garb which reflects a culture so offensive and dangerous to us, go someplace else – anyplace else.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    The basic flaw is that few people are demanding that Muslims be exiled or deported. All most people are asking for is to not get shot, set aflame, blown up, stoned, doused in acid, thrown off the roof, stabbed or run over.

    However is the cleanest most equitable way to effect that is fine. Also don’t talk to me, don’t lecture me, don’t tell me I’m shameful or a bigot. I simply do not fucking care what you think.

    Any questions?

    • Maggat

      Nope. You got it about covered.

  • Waffle

    There are no mysteries as to what he is thinking — what any young man is thinking, but what intrigues me is this: is the Muslima’s cute little nose a product of the air-brusher’s craft (like Trudeau’s profile shot in Vanity Fair) or a real, honest-to-goodness rhinoplasty (nose job)? The plastic surgeons of my generation and hers make fortunes by erasing the tell-tale signs of ethnicity.

    Full disclosure: I am probably hyper-sensitive to noses because I ached for that surgery from the age of 12 when my Jewishy-looking honker asserted itself. Years later, I finally took the plunge and underwent the knife. It was life-altering. Even my own mother admitted that I did look a lot better. I had also wanted curly hair so I had a perm. I had never done that before because I had this thing about big noses and curly hair. I didn’t want to look like Judy Rebick.

    But it’s hard to tell in this case, if it’s the real thing or an airbrush — a fantasy, like the lie of the poster.

  • John Boy

    If you are wondering what the aliens want us to do…..

  • WalterBannon

    This poster looks like hate speech against white males.

    Someone should file a human rights commission complaint against the city.

    • Clausewitz

      Good joke, you here all week?

    • Gary

      Justin and Tory were too busy to fill in as the White males since they live in the Wealthy White neighbourhoods and the only 50 shades of Brown they see are the grounds keepers and house cleaning staff .

  • Oh, how thought-provoking!

    Actually, the North York response is spot-on.

    YAY, home-grown terrorism!

    • Clausewitz

      Naw, Mississauga would be more apt.

  • Gary

    John Tory and Wynne redacted the original and ordered a new version after the Orlando slaughter .
    here’s the real ad .

  • Gary

    The ad help prove what I read about muhammad and slavery on a Middle east website.

    Muhammad wasn’t against Slavery, he just didn’t want White to own blacks because islam gave them more rights. He also said that the christians and Jews are the white man’s faith while islam is for the dark people (arabs ) .

    This is why many muslims along with CAIR are quick to cry racism , they know that islam IS based on a race in order to join. Muhammad only see Arabs as true msulims plus they must read arabic to knwo the pure quran.

    Note how the ad has a pro-sharia dark women along with other ads to paint muslims as non-white .
    Pretty sick of muslims to run these right after their brother slaughtered 49 homosexuals and wounded 53 in Florida.
    Shame on John Tory and Wynne for letting muslims play the victim after a jihad to murder gays. It will only get worse as the muslim population grows but they will still cry racism and be in denial .

  • Americadies

    Watching liberals who commit suicide by stupid naïve philosophies is amusing.