War against Christians in the professions in Canada

From Ezra Levant:

Various Law Societies are vowing to discriminate against Trinity-Western students before they even graduate! The university is being accused of “homophobia” even though there are gay students who love it there.

This is actually a clear case of anti-Christian bigotry, and if these bigots win, it would be a blow to the freedom of association rights of all Canadians.

I talk about my visit to this great school, and listen to John explain the next step in the court cases. If you want to help fight for freedom, VISIT TheRealBigots.com to learn more.

Reality check: It’s sad. Most Christian institutions in Canada have been reduced to nothing but Jesus Hollers. Perhaps historians will explain later.

Right now, young Christians need to understand that they can’t practise in the professions in Canada if they are not willing to kill patients (medicine) or agree to the demands of Big Gay (law).

Young Christians, please listen: The people you trusted brought this on you. Have you no curiosity about how that happened?

I have at least one idea that might help: When I saw a photo of a group of Catholic bishops confronting euthanasia recently, I was astonished at their utterly stupid piefaces. Why were they grinning for the cameras when their supposedly treasured flock will be culled?

Where is the White Rose? Where is the Party for Life?

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  • Let the shooting war begin;)

    • Daviddowntown

      In Canada the bullets will be mostly be flying in one direction only.

  • LauraS

    You are SO right about Canadian churches!

    They’ve been SILENT on euthanasia, genocide in the Middle East, Muslim immigration, abortion, sex ed curricula, attacks on Christian campuses, and on, and on, and on. They’ve turned their backs on Biblical teachings on just about every important issue of modern times. Yet these same church leaders are happy to celebrate gay marriage laws, progressivism, and feminism.

    And they wonder why so few people attend church! Shameful.

    • Alain

      From my understanding TWU actually adheres to the tenets of Christianity as opposed to mainstream churches, which is why it is so feared and hated by the Left.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    No church that silently nods approval in the face of this abomination is worthy of the name “church”.

    • They will not save themselves but help will arise from another quarter.

  • john700

    And I am supposed to cry about Orlando? No, thanks.

    • Orlando is terrible and warns us all about the price of honestly believing lies.