GTA Imam who approves of child marriage says Orlando a plot & gays should only be executed under sharia law

Syed Muhammad Rizvi, the Imam of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto on the Orlando Massacre. Link.

Number one the USA is not governed by Islamic laws.

Number two even in a Muslim country governed by the Islamic laws no individual has the right to take such an action. There is a process, there is a judiciary, there is a court, there is aMufti, there is Qadi [judge] and a judge. They have to deal with such issues and so this was basically very clear a pure murder and nothing else.

Thirdly, you know Omar Mateen who killed forty eight people might have represented this so-called ISIS. But he has nothing to do with the vast majority of the Muslims around the world. If you ask me, and this is just my you know feeling about it, that I believe this was done purposely, you know, to dampen the positive vibes about Muslims generated by the funeral of Mohammad Ali, and basically what this fellow Omar Mateen did was a gift. The right wing racists, people like Donald Trump, to put the Muslims down in US.

I’d call Rizvi a maniac but he’s not, he is the very model of moderate mainstream Islam.

His views on homosexuality and the marital rape of 9 year old girls have long been known.

Our political class will continue to give him a pass of course, they don’t mind that Muslims openly preach the sanctity of murder for apostasy and homosexuality or that they approve of child rape.

Just like they gave him a pass when his school’s textbook was found to equate Jews with Nazis.

Rizvi’s screed can be read at the link below, and remember you’re the H8tr!

Marriage and Morals in Islam By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi