GTA Imam who approves of child marriage says Orlando a plot & gays should only be executed under sharia law

Syed Muhammad Rizvi, the Imam of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto on the Orlando Massacre. Link.

Number one the USA is not governed by Islamic laws.

Number two even in a Muslim country governed by the Islamic laws no individual has the right to take such an action. There is a process, there is a judiciary, there is a court, there is aMufti, there is Qadi [judge] and a judge. They have to deal with such issues and so this was basically very clear a pure murder and nothing else.

Thirdly, you know Omar Mateen who killed forty eight people might have represented this so-called ISIS. But he has nothing to do with the vast majority of the Muslims around the world. If you ask me, and this is just my you know feeling about it, that I believe this was done purposely, you know, to dampen the positive vibes about Muslims generated by the funeral of Mohammad Ali, and basically what this fellow Omar Mateen did was a gift. The right wing racists, people like Donald Trump, to put the Muslims down in US.

I’d call Rizvi a maniac but he’s not, he is the very model of moderate mainstream Islam.

His views on homosexuality and the marital rape of 9 year old girls have long been known.

Our political class will continue to give him a pass of course, they don’t mind that Muslims openly preach the sanctity of murder for apostasy and homosexuality or that they approve of child rape.

Just like they gave him a pass when his school’s textbook was found to equate Jews with Nazis.

Rizvi’s screed can be read at the link below, and remember you’re the H8tr!

Marriage and Morals in Islam By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

  • At this point, why even hide the hatred of homosexuals? Is Big Gay going to do something about it?

    • No.

      • If anything, the denial will be greater.

        • Very true. See Open letter to Aaron GlynWilliams, co-chair of Pride by Sue-Ann Levy

          • Gary

            Sue-anne Levy isn’t free of her stance on child-abuse because while I was fighting to have the Bank Of Montreal distance them self from tghe pro-hamas groups and jew-haters, I sent Sue a message on Facebook that she ignored .
            My complaint wash ow she could not condemn the overt male nudity on Yonge street during the Parade as the Police stood by to infer child-abuse and quasi-paedophilia is part of the gay culture and normal in the gay village for Couples with children .
            Federal Laws made in a Crime but McGuinty and Wynne plus Chief Blair chose to spit on those laws and accept some child-abuse from gays in the guise of Diversity.
            Sue seems to have lost the message and can’t see the Elephant in the room that maybe gays should not be able to adopt or pretend to be a married couple to have children via the rent-a-womb or Turkey baster.

            I was on her side until she refused to condemn the breaking of the laws and that the TDSB endorsed which was from a really twisted loyalty similar to how muslims won’t condemn every Jihadist slaughter.
            It’s not just homosexuals, the Muslims get away with child-abuse in public while the Police stand by for them as well. Yet a Kindergarten girl draws a crude magic Gun that daddy uses to shoot monster …..and the Police plus the CAS are called in which lead tot he father being arrested and having his house search for a gun.

            Meanwhile , muslims can put their kids in madrassa the brain wash them to murder gays and do jihad for allah to make Canada an islamic state. There are also pro-hamas rallies where children are brought there to hold signs that spew hate or use as shields to keep the police away .
            Then we had the tamil riot to storm the Gardiner with children and occupy canadian land for over 8 hours while having children on the highway with them and not 1 CAS worker sent there by David Miller.

            Sue Levy can pick and choose which Moral should be respected and what is hate .
            Milo Yiannopoulos talks about the homosexuals like Sue want to be trendy and protest the correct causes or think that their cause only counts

            Wynne’s campaign to stop islamophobia after the Orlando slaughter now make sense for why the hard-core homosexuals used to be committed for their own good and to reduce their harm to others.

          • Miss Levy can ask all the questions she wants but she knows how this fellow will respond.

  • Brett_McS

    I am the very model of a modern moderate Musselman,
    I’ve information pertinent to guide your thoughts about Islam,
    I spout the great advances from the Golden Age historical
    From algebra to medicine, in order categorical;

  • Muslims believe in conspiracies. I have learned that this is completely normal for them. Thought processes that would be placed on the continuum from eccentric to psychotic in the West are mainstream for Muslims.

    I’ve noticed that they’re all convinced that some old boxer dying is way more important to westerners than it actually is. They seem to think we’ve all realized that Islam is wonderful because Muhammad Ali croaked. It’s very… childish?

    • They have so little claim to decency it is small wonder they create such fantasies.

      • Alain

        Actually they have NO claim to decency whatsoever.

    • El Martyachi

      It’s very… childish?

      Not really, IMDNSHO. They’re less individualized than us.

    • El Martyachi

      Ya… we’re the childish ones really.

  • useless opinion

    In North America the pyramid of victimhood was supposed to have two points, which is impossible for a pyramid. So it was homosexuality versus Muslims. In Ontario it has manifested itself as a manly woman trying to get a haircut in a muslim downtown barbershop. In Orlando, it has manifested itself as a gay muslim and his wife versus gay men and women. The survivors of the Orlando murder spree have only one thing to blame and it is not heterosexual white men or guns. It is a radical muslim man and his moderate muslim wife who bought the weapons and drove him to the bar and encouraged him to do his muslim duty. No straight white guys involved no straight white women involved. As my Jewish friends always say,”Goy kills Goy and we Hebrews get blamed”.

  • bargogx1

    Interesting how closely his words match those of Islam’s leftist apologists.

  • Alain

    Some how I missed all those “positive vibes about Muslims generated by the funeral of Mohammed Ali”.

  • Gary

    Susan g Cole and Wynne keep attacking Christians as the problem just because they had a trigger panic when they read a Letter To The Editor by a christian that opposed same-gender marriage .

    Barbara Hall supported the pro-sharia homophobic anti-canada mosque in the Valley Park Public school just so McLiar’s Liberals could win the MPP Seat for Wynne in her islamists area of Thorncliff Parkistan.

    Why even care any more about gay causes when they volunteered to have a suicide-pact with islam.

  • Gary

    This is why I think that Wynne will bow to CAMH and decriminalize padeophilia to appease the rainbow groups and Muslims.

    • Will Quest

      I wager JUST-IN {our uber-feminist} will march in pride-yyz with chaps, bare-assed & wearing a dildo, while tethered by a dog lease held by sweet ball-busting Sophie, the dominatrix , snapps her cat of nine-tails …..

  • Minicapt

    He is a ‘Sayyid’; … respect …


    • Linda1000

      He wears a black turban so that means he’s a direct descendent of the prophet’s family – Ali of the Shia branch? I think that’s what it means in Iran but don’t know about over here.

      • Minicapt

        It’s a statement of claim as there are no proofs required; a dream sequence is apparently the favoured discovery method.


  • Linda1000

    I like the his ending about the Sunnis: lol
    “So it has nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to do with Muslims, nothing to do with the Koran, nothing to do with Sharia. You know if you are so much concerned about these issues, go to the Gulf countries, you will find more targets all those guys there.”

  • Barrington Minge

    If it looks like a wanker, talks like a wanker then the odds are it is a…..pislamic “cleric”