Three Muslim suicide bombers arrested in Turkey after police ‘foil ISIS plot to attack Istanbul Trans Pride’

Three suspected suicide bombers have been arrested in Turkey after police foiled an ISIS plot to attack a trans pride event.

It is alleged the men, two of whom are said to be from Dagestan, were planning to attack Istanbul’s Trans Pride march, which was held last Sunday, despite being banned by the government.

Police discovered suicide vests, camouflage outfits and knives at the suspects’ addresses in Istanbul. 

  • Gary

    Obama and Loretta Lynch await for the motive for three muslims obeying the quranic verses to murder gays and unbelievers.

    Since Justin and Wynne are in PRIDE this July 3rd , it might be worth it to go there to watch from a safe Hotel room and video the bombs going off , then drag Barbara Hall there to rub her face in the blood and body parts or women, gays and children .

    Since the CBC blamed the Garland Jihad plot on Pam Geller for provoking the jihadists, lets see them spin the Jihad attacks on gay bars and PRIDE in Toronto where homosexual are just as guilt and Pam Geller for provoking the attacks .
    Oddly though , Donald Trump and Erin Burnett blamed Pam as well for knowing how predisposed muslims are to riot and doing jihad slaughters when islam is offended.
    Funny how the MSM doesn’t go after Trump for that which was in 2015 but my gut tells me that they would have to admit muslims are prone the terrorism.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well there goes 2 weeks of Erdogan screaming about the Jews.

  • mauser 98
  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    Muslim individuals looking to attack an event banned by a Muslim state.

    Two unflattering truths for the price of one, ladies and gentlemen!

    Not that it should in any way take away from the current ‘The Muslims love the Gays!’ narrative being offered up in the media. <—- sarcasm

  • But Islam is pro-gray!

  • Gary

    They have just 10 days to get to Toronto where Justin and Wynne will be in one place at the PRIDE parade .