Professor investigated by bias response team for playing ‘devil’s advocate’ in class

Teach your students that multiple viewpoints exist and you might be investigated by the bias squad in the bloated, top-heavy administrative apparatus of your public university.


  • Alain

    Any place that actually has a Bias Response Team does not qualify as a university.

  • Clausewitz

    I play devil’s advocate in my class room all the time. With so many kids being brainwashed by our more progressive educators, it really is hard at times to give different sides of many of the historical issues we should be dealing with. This is also the major reason why I never use text books in my classes.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would love to have a college professor’s job now. I would have no assignments, attendance, reading list, curricula, discussion or exams. I would show up every day, bring a book, put in the ear buds and say nothing, not look up or acknowledge who was there or respond in any way. Everyone would get an A for signing up.

  • Jay Harper

    Nobody expects the Bias Response Team.