Politicians as range targets? Get over it!

If you’d like a dartboard with Stephen Harper’s face for a bullseye, online retailer Zazzle.ca has some available right now.

Now that Harper is no longer prime minister, the $101 price tag might strike Harper haters as a little steep. Still, one can be delivered by June 29. Just click “Express Shipping” at checkout.

I sure hope Alberta NDP MLA Marie Renaud doesn’t find out about the Harper dartboards though. She’d be outraged, wouldn’t she?

  • simus1

    Appoint Marie to the “Peoples Court Judge” sinecure as well.
    When it comes to trying guilty capitalist roaders for their never ending transgressions, she is sort of thin skinned, harsh, but fair comrade that Great Leader Nutley must rely on in the building of our glorious future