Local reporter makes a cowardly fail in coverage of Regina Christian group hoping to convert Muslims

Regina Christian group hoping to convert Muslims

On the first Thursday of every month, a group of Regina citizens gathers to pray. That in itself isn’t out of the ordinary, but what they are praying for could be seen that way by some.

The group, Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims (CNMM), hosts Power Praying for Muslims, with the goal to “equip the Canadian church to help Muslims in Canada become disciples of Jesus Christ,” according to the organization’s website. Muslims are invited to the power prayers, but so far there have been no takers.

I love this response from the Muslima quoted in the article.

Sabreena Haque, a member of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan doesn’t deny that Islam calls for death to apostates, that is the murder of someone who leaves the Muslim cult, rather she falls back on the old it only applies to sharia compliant Muslim states dodge. As is usual the MSM reporter fails to challenge her on this bloodthirsty aspect of her murderous cult. I imagine they’ll protest and call that slop fair and balanced or uneditorialized or some such BS, but really it’s just more of the MSM’s standard politically correct cowardice that infests all their reporting on Islam.

“We share the Christian gospel with them. That is a big challenge for us and a big challenge for them,” said Silver. “Their teaching is that if someone leaves the Islamic faith, they deserve to be killed. We have to be aware of the issues for them, and be sympathetic and understanding.”

Haque states this is not the case.

“We are not in an Islamic country that follows Islamic law,” Haque said. “This is not even an issue in this country. Any aspect of Islamic law can only be implemented in a nation that is following that law.”

Don’t believe that Islam calls for the murder of apostates? Then check out this clip by Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Al-Azhar and the highest religious authority of the Sunni Muslims which was broadcast on June 16 2016, he explicitly states that in Islam, Unrepentant Apostates Should Be Killed… oh and Homosexuality Is a Disease.

Think about that. Our political class has encouraged mass immigration by members of a death cult who view murder as sacred.

Yet we’re the bigots.

  • Martin B

    From the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan website:

    “Currently there are ten Masjids (Mosques) in Saskatchewan…Masjids were formerly churches that were converted into Masjids”


    No doubt they are dreaming of the day when every church is converted to a Dome of Satan.

  • I don’t know if homosexuality is a “disease”, maybe a more accurate description would be “out-of-control lust”.

    An anecdote:
    The first time ever I “debated” a homosexual was when a teenager hitchhiking all over North America. Got picked up by a Homo in the Southern U.S. (they didn’t call themselves “Gay” in those days) who obviously picked me up because he was looking for action with a teenager.

    Naturally I refused, and I made sure that he saw the large Bowie knife that I carried openly strapped to my belt (I already had a bad experience with a sexual predator who had picked me up hitchhiking in Canada).

    Long story short, the man explained to me that his attraction to men was because he was dissatisfied with sex with women, and he had a lot of negative experiences in his relationships with women, especially in the sex department.

    I think he was over-sexed, and he simply didn’t have a handle on self-control. And of course Secular society doesn’t teach self-control where sex is concerned because that just makes you look like a “religious prude”.

    My personal assessment, for what it’s worth.

    • It’s an interesting perspective. Crisis magazine has a similar opinion in an article on Orlando, addressing it from the perspective of the rejection of sexuality.


      “The patrons of the Orlando nightclub dedicated to same-sex relationships were not responsible for the demise of sexuality. They, themselves, were victims of its demise long before the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12. They were the victims of each one of us who bought into the lies of the misnamed Sexual Revolution. The Sexual Revolution was not about the transformation of sex but the rejection of what is truly sexual. It cast itself in the aura of light and love, but it was really about death and darkness from its very beginning. Broken families, same-sex “marriage,” and gender confusion are the natural end of a sexuality already rejected. They are not its cause.”

      • Thanks. I added a bracketed comment on Islam to bring the argument full circle. I think it’s worth reflecting on, and in reference to your article I think Christianity can certainly play a positive role.

  • Convert away – if possible.

    Ignoramuses have to realise that Islam is not even remotely the same as Christianity, in creed or practice.

    One can have either converts who make every attempt to blend in or more Orlandos.