Gun control as Orlando denial

A friend writes to tell me that the father of the Orlando massacre shooter is running for president of Afghanistan. So of course the answer is more gun control in the U.S.

I wrote back to say, Mark Steyn: Civilizations become too stupid to survive. Here’s how social media help us be stupid. (They censor people who want to live.)

Reality check: Obviously, gun control is a distraction. Gun control does save lives – in situations where no one seriously intended to kill anyone else anyway.

= In a drunken row at a campground, hiding the weapons would mean that guys punch each others’ lights out and end up in the ER rather than shoot someone and end up in the pen.

I’m nervous about the persistence of the distraction of gun control, as a response to the Islamist threat.

The Islamists are quite open about their goals. Why can’t we discuss them honestly among ourselves?

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