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bill nye is a tool and an idiotWe may never know if we are living in a computer simulation, warns Bill Nye

Scientists and philosophers have long argued the idea, and in recent months, both Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson have suggested the likelihood of such a scenario is higher than you might think.

Now, Bill Nye has weighed in on the debate as well, and due to the complex nature of a simulated reality, he says we may never really know the truth.

Radical-Islamists-for-HillaryRadical Islamists for Hillary

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who believes that every single Muslim in America supports radical Islam. I’m sure they do not. However, a survey done last year did find that 25% of American Muslims believe that the use of violence is legitimate “to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.” While 20% of American Muslims believe that “the use of violence in the United States is justified in order to make shariah the law of the land in this country.”

Malik points out that “there’s so much suspicion of Islam here.” Yes, well, when one in five American Muslims support violence in the US to impose Sharia, you can understand why. You can also understand why tens of millions of Americans (including some American Muslims) would not be so keen on importing more Muslims into the US — especially those from terrorist strongholds.

Wasila Hassan, 17, from Qamishlo, Syria, is pictured at Arbat refugee camp, Iraq, June 20, 2016. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Andrea DiCenzo

Young Syrians get 100 percent praise at ‘Refugees Got Talent’ contest in Iraq camp

Belting out an emotional song in honour of Kurdish military forces under a full moon, Syrian refugee Mizzgin Rumi’s shyness transformed to confidence as he captivated his audience.

Rumi, 19, was one of 10 acts on stage at the dusty Arbat refugee camp in the semi-autonomous northern region of Iraqi Kurdistan competing in the highly-anticipated final of the talent contest “Refugees Got Talent”.

we-the-people-gun-rightsNBC News reports weeping in the Senate gallery over nixed gun bills

The Senate voted down four gun amendments tacked onto a Department of Justice spending bill Monday evening.

The measures – two introduced by Democrats and two by Republicans – were attached in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, which left 49 people dead and many more injured at a gay night club.

israel-portIsrael planning to build $5 billion artificial island off Gaza with seaport, airport and hotels

Israeli minister of intelligence and transportation Yisrael Katz said the project will alleviate economic hardship in the blockaded coastal strip and reconnect it with the rest of the world.

The plans call for an three square mile artificial island, linked to Gaza by a three-mile bridge. Mr Katz said the island would include a seaport, with potential plans for a future airport, a hotel and smaller port for yachts.

Israel would supervise security checks, but the island would otherwise be run by Palestinians and the international community.

food shortage venezuela87% of Venezuela Can’t Even Afford to Buy Food

The failure of socialism in Venezuela has left the vast majority of people without enough money to feed themselves, reports the New York Times.

Moreover, in just the last two weeks more than 50 food riots, protests, and mass looting have erupted around the country leaving at least five people dead in the wake of the chaos.

Fire-682091‘Fanatic’ Muslim mob torches 80 Christian homes in Egypt over church rumour

The Muslim mob, which were described as “fanatic” by a terrified witness, began wreaking havoc at a Christian-owned building which was under construction.

The crowd believed it was set to be turned into a Christian church and took umbrage, setting fire to the building and other nearby Christian properties.

They also destroyed the construction materials and injured Christians who attempted to reason with them.

alibi of tyrantsDespots Usually Start Their Reign of Terror With Gun Control

Estimates say that as high as 56 million people have been exterminated by their own government in the 20th century alone because gun control left them defenseless. (Statistics from Before guns, governments used swords, knives, and other torturous means, so guns are not the problem, evil people are.

Today in America we are being told gun control is an urgent necessity to curb the violence in our country. Cries of action for “the good of the people,” are being heralded by politicians and media alike. The only cries I hear, though, are those of the millions of people slaughtered by their government.

122012-2013Inaug-PaulHillary.jpg.optimalWhy Paul Ryan Wants Hillary Clinton To Win The White House

Sources now indicate Paul Ryan wants Hillary Clinton to be America’s next president, and is doing everything in his power to secure that very outcome.

If that allows Hillary to nominate up to three more Supreme Court Justices and thus tilt the balance of power of the Court so it represents far-left, progressive views, so be it.

The forty-six-year-old Paul Ryan doesn’t care because he has already been promised, and wishes to make certain, that he is the GOP’s 2020 nominee for president.

And it’s not just the 2020 election cycle that is currently on the table. Powerful Republican insiders are still hinting at a NEVERTRUMP moment at the upcoming GOP convention – and Paul Ryan is their top choice to emerge as a viable alternative.

Orlando-jihadDHS’ Islamic Advisor: Orlando Jihad Was Not Islamic

The jihadi’s first words to the 911 operator were the bismillah. He was a devout Muslim who declared he was waging jihad in the cause of Allah.

What’s it going to take? How many have to die?

You can deny jihad, but you cannot avoid the consequences of denying jihad.


  • ontario john

    The media is reporting this morning that, “ISLAMOPHOBIA AND HOMOPHOBIA ARE RUNNING RAMPANT ACROSS CANADA”!!! And of course the CBC is leading the charge, with stories on Toronto police chief saying sorry to gays, and atrocities against muslims in Canada. Convert to islam Canada, and stop the atrocities. Praise Allah!

  • marty_p

    Israel proposes building an artificial island to serve an artificial people. As we all know the Fakestinians are descendants of migratory Arabs who came running to the area when they heard there were jobs and the promise of a better life.

    • Waffle

      Crazy, eh? I think the part about building docks for yachts is a particularly nice touch. Then the coup de grace was the Al-Jazeera vid on the plight of the poor unemployed “occupied” Palis — the lucky ones getting to clean the homes of the West Bank “settlers”.

      The island is a nice dream and it could work if only the Palis stopped teaching their kids to hate and kill Jews, if only they weren’t intent on destroying Israel instead of building a society of their own. If only, if only, if only . . .

      • Justin St.Denis

        The Palis will keep burning it down during construction. This is a PR exercise.

  • moraywatson

    Why would “simulated reality” not be real ? From whose perspective ?

    • …and if we will never know, then what does it matter?

      • moraywatson

        It doesn’t matter, if you are able to define your own purpose.

    • Justin St.Denis

      From the perspective of the 9-year-old extraterrestrial kid from the future who watches this all happen on his amazing mile-wide 3D monitor, I suppose.

      Personally, I find not giving a fuck what Bill Nye says or wonders about saves me oodles of time.

      • moraywatson

        I doubt his monitor is 3D. I would imagine it has dimensions we are unable to perceive.

  • Ron MacDonald

    For those who nothing better to do with their free time.

  • Brenda

    A couple of gay items to chew on: a bad one –

    And a good one -

  • Spatchcocked

    I remember Dr Johnsons response to Bishop Berkleys assertions…..also my Lord Byrons couplet re the good Bishop.

    Nye is Gore in a slightly minor key. Both are of course certifiable.

  • Linda1000

    Okay, I tried that little quiz posted here three times just to be sure since I’m a blonde who is not very good at math and came up with the same answer of No. 2., if you can believe that B.S.
    Given the extent to which all of our politicians and media have their collective heads up their asses, maybe computer simulated gov’ts. would do a hell of a lot better managing global affairs. Is this bot dot artificial environment just another theoretical utopia dream of lefty scientists or only workable until the electricity or power source fails? What will power the brain machines to work nonstop? Since the dawn of civilization, I thought the entity in charge of creation on planet earth is/was God? Clearly, my brain is not computing anything this morning.

  • Maggat

    Ryan was the hero in a Clancy series of novels. This Ryan does NOT fill that bill in any way, shape, or form.