Conservative party has changed it’s tone says Ambrose. To what? The GayAbortionistAtheistIslamicCorporateCarpetbaggers Party?

Yes they’re now the GayAbortionistAtheistIslamicCorporateCarpetbaggers Party.

I think “new tone” means “F&ck you base”.  And no Rona, Canadians are not pleased with “free trade” deals with 51 countries, yes we all drank the kool-aid once but it has worn off, the only beneficiaries have been corporations given free reign to screw the rest of us over.

What with Patrick Brown in Ontario and this new “tone” federally I see little hope of anything remotely conservative in nature ever getting elected.

Kenney would be wise to ditch the feds and give Alberta a try but success is not a lock even for someone once as popular as he was.

  • The Conservative Party should cease to exist. All resources expended on it are now wasted. Canada needs a party for people who share English Common Law values and believe in the right to live. Kenney could form such a party.

    • Perhaps though I hold scant hope.

    • john700

      The Tories have become so pro-gay that they are fucking their base in the ass.

    • Bingo.

      The Tories are doing what the Republicans are doing: changing everything for voters blocks they would do better without.

      • There is a market for a party for Canadians who want to live but where is the party?

    • Alain

      What does not exist cannot cease to exist. The “Conservative” Party needs to change its name and cease the misleading name and misrepresenting the word Conservative.

    • They don’t seem to realize that the only reason “the base” stayed faithful to Harper is because they believed he would become more conservative. Nobody thought he was conservative enough. I think the Conservative Party has just sounded its own death knell.

      All three major Parties will be competing for votes on the Left (in addition to the two minor Parties). That’s like having five doughnut shops all on the same block. I don’t think the Left will go flocking to the new kid on the block — the Conservative Party doughnut shop.

      • k2

        What I worry is that the Canadian population as a whole is drifting leftward, that the fundamental guts of our society is becoming more progressive. If in fact this is the case, goodness knows why it would be happening. But having the bulk of the media, the schools, universities and, of course, the political parties, all progressive and left wing, would be a big part of it.

        • Alain

          I can tell you why this is happening. For at least a half century, the cultural marxists have taken control of just about all of our institutions, in particular the media and education. I maintain that the downhill slide began with Pearson and of course was greatly accelerated by Trudeau Sr. How many generations now are there that have only been exposed to this indoctrination and propaganda? Heavens, most of the generations younger than my own know zero of our history. For many of them Canada only was born in the 60s. I have had Swiss friends who were much more knowledgeable of our true history than the majority of Canadians I encounter. Of course this was always the objective from the start and with no shortage of useful idiots it has succeeded. Mind you much the same has happened in Western Europe, and here I include the UK.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      He has alot of experience , he was well selected member of the Harper team of fraud.

  • CodexCoder

    We need a new party – right wing, small government, austerity in financial outlook, common sense in approach. I have no one to vote for in Ontario as Patrick Brown is a complete sellout.

  • We need a political party that represents Canadians in the age of Islam and euthanasia – Canadians who want to live.

  • Maxsteele

    Yes, now we have 3 progressive leftist parties then. There was a day when the Liberals were trying to pretend to be conservatives to be elected and now all politicians have to take off their sheep costume and be the socialist, big government, wolves that they are. We are doomed. Unless a miracle happens and the choose Maxime Bernier, then there is a chance.

    • Alain

      While no big there is a 4th progressive leftist party: the Green Party.

  • simus1

    “The Alberta Party” has a nice ring to it if the name can be acquired for a reasonable price from a decent owner, if necessary.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    You all need to stop lamenting and vote for your provincial and federal separatists parties.
    The only reason I voted for Harper was because I thought he would change things.
    He changed a few and I feel he is the best PM I have ever seen.
    But, he didn’t go far enough.
    And now we are ruled by effete assholes.
    (Yes, I borrowed that from Ewan McGregor’s ‘It’s shite being Scottish’ speech in Trainspotting.)
    It’s a shite state of affairs and no grousing about how unconservative the federal conservatives are is not going to change a fucking thing.
    Western provincial separation is the only way to get the fuckers in the east to sit up and take notice.
    Actually, it’s the only way we can tell them to fuck off.

    • The Left Opposition was brutal with Harper and they had him walking on his tippy toes all the time. At the snap of their fingers they could call up the troops — the Marxist rabble-rousers more than happy to engage in acts of civil disobedience especially when they were paid. If Trump wins in US maybe a separatist Party seceding to the US would be an option.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Not only an option.
        A viable alternative.
        And a potent threat.
        I want Trudeau to preside over the dissolution of Canada.
        The Canada I was born into is long gone.

        • I agree. And don’t forget when Justin shot off his mouth in Parliament (when Harper was P.M.) and threatened that he would separate Quebec from Canada if necessary. Well the big mouth might get his wish, except it won’t be Quebec.