Conservative party has changed it’s tone says Ambrose. To what? The GayAbortionistAtheistIslamicCorporateCarpetbaggers Party?

Yes they’re now the GayAbortionistAtheistIslamicCorporateCarpetbaggers Party.

I think “new tone” means “F&ck you base”.  And no Rona, Canadians are not pleased with “free trade” deals with 51 countries, yes we all drank the kool-aid once but it has worn off, the only beneficiaries have been corporations given free reign to screw the rest of us over.

What with Patrick Brown in Ontario and this new “tone” federally I see little hope of anything remotely conservative in nature ever getting elected.

Kenney would be wise to ditch the feds and give Alberta a try but success is not a lock even for someone once as popular as he was.