Claim: Gay 9-11 changes everything

Nonsense. From Martin Gladstone at Toronto Sun

In the politically correct gay world, conversations about Islamism, the treatment of gays in Muslim countries, from death to public hangings, jail and extra judicial executions, has been frowned upon as Islamophobia.

The mantra was and remains that we must not allow state sponsored homophobia to translate into Islamophobia.

This was a core message of the Toronto vigil held this week.

The politically correct gay culture has instead fought to selectively condemn the one country in the Mideast that protects its sexual minorities, holds gay pride parades, and gives full rights to its LGBT citizens — Israel.

Reality check: So you just told us, didn’t you, Martin Gladstone? Gay people need their fantasies more than they need to be safe.

Here’s a question for you and friends: Would you feel comfortable with a survey asking what proportion of self-identified Muslims in Canada think you should be in jail, vs. self-identified Christians?

If the answer is yes, we can talk. If the answer is no, no one can help you.

Oh, by the way, how do you feel about proposed new laws against Islamophobia? Do you have any concerns that such laws might make it unlawful to discuss your security worries? No, okay fine. Let’s move on.

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