Christian ice cream man battered by Muslim mob who claimed lollies possessed EVIL SPIRIT

Khaleel Masih, 42, was kicked, punched and spat at by the vigilantes who wanted to “beat the evil spirit” out of him.

He was branded untouchable by the mob who claimed the ice creams he was selling from his bicycle in Kasur, Pakistan, were unclean.

The father-of-six said: “They called me ‘Chora’, an insulting word used for Christians. They then began accusing me of selling unclean merchandise to Muslim children.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    When I was a trainee I got dragged to some awful middle eastern restaurant on Main Street in Winnipeg.
    I couldn’t balk at ordering anything because it would give me away and I was still on probation.
    So, I ate some chicken thing wrapped in what seemed like two pounds of really thick flat bread.
    Later that night my asshole was possessed by an evil spirit.

  • JoKeR

    When in the hot weather you quickly have too much of the possessed ice cream the evil spirits take over and squeeze your head and give you a pounding headache. It’s proven by Islamic science!
    You will understand this better after viewing this video

  • marty_p

    One chocolate Jinnsicle please.

  • GrimmCreeper

    The ice cream was unclean according to a follower of the cult that wipes its ass with pebbles. Oh wait, they do that left handed so they aren’t unsanitary.

  • These people are so backwards that I think even this might work (54 second mark):

  • Hard Little Machine

    Pakistan will be ethnically cleansed of all Non Muslims in 5 years, tops