Blast in Libya Kills 30 People Following Clashes between Garabulli Residents and UN Allied Militia

Over 30 people killed and more wounded on Tuesday in Garabulli city, some 50 kms east of the capital Tripoli, following protests by local residents against a militia from Misurata that established a makeshift camp in the city.

Most of the causalities, however, resulted from a double-blast that hit an arms depot abandoned by the militia as a result of clashes with locals.

The Misurata’s militia involved in the conflict in Garabulli is part of militias’ coalition that is currently linked to both the UN mission in the country and are forming the main protectors of the UN-backed GNA.

Media reports say these militias form the main ragtag militias that are fighting ISIS in Sirte and are also backed by American and British special units. These same reports claim that the UN is encouraging these militias to take the role of the Libyan national army.

Garabulli’s representative in the House of Parliament, Ali Al-Soul, told reporters that the whole disaster started when the leader of the militia attack a number of women in the city and beat them.

Later, the same militia leader along with his bodyguards attacked a local supermarket as the owner refused to allow them to leave the premises with unpaid grocery which led to full-fledged armed conflict between the militia and the local residents, according to Mr. Al-Soul.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hillary will say that this was caused by an obscure video on YouTube.

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      UN allied militia?
      As effective as the WWII Italian navy.
      Why do Italian navy ships have glass bottomed boats?
      So they can wave at the rest of the Italian navy.

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    I’d like to pretend to care, or even know who is fighting who in Libya nowadays, but tribalism is a pain in the ass to keep up with.

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    It’s been a long since I had any opinion on this sort of thing.

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