Are Minnesota’s Jews stalked by fear?

Fear Stalks Minnesota Muslims?

“…The latest FBI data were published in 2015 and relate to 2014, so they don’t tell us anything about the alleged current spike in anti-Muslim sentiment. What they do tell us is that in 2014, there were 154 hate crimes recorded against Muslims. By way of comparison, there were 89 directed against Christians and 609 directed against Jews, a large majority of those by Muslims. Muslims perpetrate far more hate crimes than they suffer. Are Minnesota’s Jews stalked by fear?”

  • Daviddowntown

    If it’s so bloody awful here they should just go back to their homeland.

    • It’s the least they could do.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        My dad used to tell this joke that he came across a paki begging for money.
        Please sir can you spare a nickel, I am trying to pay for a ticket back home.
        He said I’ll give you a quarter if you take four of your buddies with you.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …buddy there says even his Minnesota is pretty much f***ed now, S. of Duluth…I think we’re the back-up plan.

  • Alain

    Perhaps we should complete the rest of the sentence: Islam is a religion of peace, and anyone to disagrees or says otherwise will be killed.

  • Spatchcocked

    There’ll be a few bumps with Trump but if the gay demographic move rheir rumps and the law enforcement are given the green light to get the jump on and thump the bad actors our humps will not be busted ….mumping CAIR types can pump it where it hurts and we’ll clean up this dump..
    Katie bar the door!

  • JoKeR

    But we all need to understand their culture better…..