White TV anchor fired after racial comments fights back with discrimination lawsuit

Wendy BellIn March, a white award-winning broadcast news anchor in Pittsburgh posted on her professional Facebook page what she claimed was a heartfelt call to action on the perceived black-on-black crime epidemic in the United States, particularly in the city she’d covered for almost 20 years.

The post came two weeks after she covered a mass shooting at a backyard barbecue that left four people injured and six dead, including a pregnant woman, in Wilkinsburg, a majority black borough. The district attorney called the heinous crime calculated, planned and one of the “most brutal” he had seen in his 18-year tenure.

She’s right.

  • Right in my backyard. I used to watch her in the morning.

  • lzzrd

    Let me be sure I understand this. She makes a statement based on what she has/is seeing, which is backed up buy any number FBI Annual Crime reports by the way, then is fired for being a racist? This just does not make any sense. If this is what “really” happened, then we are now past the tipping point and we have truly gone down the rabbit hole and are in the land of the Red Queen.

    • Daviddowntown

      Pretty well there.

  • Martin B

    Best of luck to Wendy Bell.

    And fuck the Washington Post. “Perceived” black-on-black crime epidemic? Right, the huge pile of black corpses is just your false perception you ignorant racist.

  • The Butterfly

    I hope she wins.

  • Gary

    Justin and Obama want people to keep quiet and let Blacks and Muslims slaughter each other.
    Shhhhhh, drink the kool ade and keep walking.