Sweden approves stricter asylum laws

mapswedenAfter receiving 160,000 asylum claims in 2015, Stockholm has voted in favor of tougher rules for new arrivals. The regulations will also affect refugees wanting to join their families in Sweden.

The bill, approved by the Swedish parliament with a 240 to 45 vote on Tuesday, will suspend the granting of temporary residence permits to asylum seekers for three years.

The number of refugees permitted to join relatives already settled in the country will also be limited. The new legislation will come into force on July 20 and will apply to all asylum seekers who arrived after November 24, 2015.

Both parties in Sweden’s governing minority coalition – the Social Democrats and Green party – supported the bill. Center and Left parties voted against the measures, while Liberals and Christian Democrats abstained.

Why do I get the feeling this new legislation is window dressing and Sweden is too far gone down the rabbit hole?