Risk of Muslim terror attacks in Canada rises as ISIS, other groups falter on battlefield, report warns

A report funded by the government’s Canadian Safety and Security Program tracked down 62 of the almost 100 Canadian believed to have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight with Daesh or other terrorist groups.

MONTREAL—There is an elevated risk of domestic terror attacks as Daesh and other terror groups suffer defeat on the battlefield, according to the author of a ground-breaking report based on first-hand interviews with Canadian and western jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

“I’m confident that if they were ordered to go back home and do something, at least a high percentage, I think, would very obediently do it. It’s quite clear they are willing to die — eager to die for the cause,” said University of Waterloo professor Lorne Dawson, a terrorism researcher specializing in religious studies.

That’s just great, especially as the RCMP has decided to allow ‘Free-Range Jihadis” to walk among us.

Well they said they were SORRY! – RCMP not charging jihadis who say ‘sorry’

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