Readers dump Fleet Street. Of course.

As well they should, if they even want to survive in the age of euthanasia: Bloomberg

The day of reckoning is at hand as digital revenue fails to make up for declines in print advertising, and mobiles — with even lower ad rates — become the primary device for many readers. Fleet Street (the industry’s London home until most papers moved away in the 1980s) is cutting jobs and scrambling to shore up advertising and circulation. More.

Reality check: Orlando made it all crystal clear with respect to all legacy gatekeeper media: If you can’t say “Islamic terror,” your former readers are better off with homegrown news.

See also: CNN CEO admits network too liberal. Thanks for playing, Zucker. The rest of us want to live and that means responding to the real world around us, not your progressive fantasy.


Gatekeeper media on the Orlando mass murder: An odd experience