‘Kings’ of the most dangerous city on Earth: Boss of brutal kidnap gang boasts of murdering HUNDREDS – and police admit they’re powerless to stop him as massive crime wave sweeps Venezuela

The sadistic boss of one of Venezuela’s most feared kidnap gangs has revealed in harrowing detail how he stalks and seizes his victims, murders those who don’t pay the ransom – and has a network of corrupt officers embedded in the police.

In a chilling interview in the lawless slums of western Caracas, conducted at gunpoint, the kidnap boss told how he has ‘no remorse’ about his reign of terror in the crisis-stricken city.

‘If they don’t pay up after a week,’ he said. ‘We dig a two-metre hole and shoot them in the face with a shotgun so nobody will be able to identify the body. They stay on the missing persons list forever. In this city, I am in charge.’

Venezuela kidnap gang