Is Jew-Hatred Inherent in Islam?

There is a certain antipathy in the Islamic world toward Jewish people. A 2013-14 Anti-Defamation League Global 100 survey reveals that about half (Index score of 49%) of the Muslim population surveyed worldwide hold Anti-Semitic views, while three quarters (Index score of 75%) of Muslim respondents in the MENA region harbor such views.

Is this anti-Semitism more of a modern day phenomenon, thus going back to the modern nation-state of Israel, to Zionism, or does it go all the way back to the advent of Islam? Israel and Zionism connotes more of a nationalistic or political struggle, while the advent of Islam indicates something which is inherent in Islam.

  • ed

    Koran 33-11 seek out the jew hiding behind a tree and kill him AD 672 [ just saying ]

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    • Linda1000

      Yes, and the UN and Europe promote a lot of anti-Semitism. Now, with Trudope policies, we should add Can*uckistan to the list.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Not really because it is known that Jews lived in the Middle East for centuries between 1100 AD and 1948 AD.

    • k1

      and Muslim and Jewish organized crime baddies seem to work quite nicely along side each other