Iran Had Uranium. Uh-Oh.

What do a few particles of uranium tell us about the future of President Obama’s signature foreign-policy achievement? Nothing good, especially for those that would like to put the debate about the Iran nuclear deal behind us and assume, as the administration claims, that it precludes Tehran’s ability to create a weapon. These particles at Iran’s Parchin facility are the clues that confirm much of what critics have been saying since the deal was concluded last year—not only about Iran’s untrustworthiness but also the assumptions about its ability to “break out” to build a bomb. Above all, what those particles tell us is that the United States and its allies still have no firm idea of how close Iran is to building a viable weapon should it decide to cheat on the agreement or even if it simply waits a decade to expire. Parchin is the proof that the deal is more of a prayer than the guarantee Obama promised.