Facebook’s Zuck won’t answer questions re bias

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly dodged a question about bias against conservative groups on the social media site during the company’s Monday shareholders meeting.

“What affirmative steps are in place to increase transparency regarding Facebook’s news section and its removal of pages and posts and what do you have to say to the conservative individuals and groups who have been harmed – and continue to be harmed – by the company’s bias actions?” National Center Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof reportedly asked Zuckerberg during the meeting.More.

Reality check: Zuckerberg doesn’t need to answer questions. He just needs Big Enforcement against free media.

That’s coming but it probably won’t work. The people who need safety will end up prevailing over the junior jackboots who just need jobsjobsjobs.

See also: CNN CEO admits network too liberal. Thanks for playing, Zucker. The rest of us want to live and that means responding to the real world around us, not your progressive fantasy.