Christians driven from campus – of course!

From yet another of those profs who almost gets it but not quite:

It is not Christian colleges that have made a habit of harassing and intimidating speakers who represent different points of view; it is nonreligious campuses. When socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave a speech in September 2015 at Liberty University, media accounts, including in The New York Times, took note of how courteous and polite the student body was, and how they unfailingly applauded a speaker who acknowledged at the outset profoundly disagreeing with their views.

Contrast their civility with the hostile reception certain other thinkers are guaranteed these days, just by setting foot on secular campuses. Followers of the Cross, especially, are often greeted by an especially bilious class of protester. Thus, for example, University of Tulsa students protested a former self-professed lesbian turned Christian—on the grounds that calling something “sinful” is “thinly veiled hate speech,” as one leader of the protest explained.

Similarly, when Jennifer Roback Morse—a former Ivy League professor and head of the Ruth Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to traditional Christian teaching—appeared at the University of California, Santa Barbara, 20 students interrupted her talk with chants, waving signs inscribed with various obscenities. When Christian speaker Ravi Zacharias spoke at the University of Pennsylvania, a local atheist group handed out bingo-style cards mocking the speaker to every student who entered the hall. The list could go on. More.

Reality check: Campuses (apart from the technical STEM subjects) are now simply the training camps for the new progressive bureaucracy. It’ll get way worse once euthanasia takes hold, and many people are complicit in the murder of relatives and friends. Unborn children can, after all, just disappear. But the adult deceased have histories, so serious Christians will be very unwelcome in a world adjusting to legal murder.

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  • It’s always OK to attack Christians, our political and media have made it so.

    • No. Christianity has descended into into tea and sandwiches at the Cathedral or wowza at the storefront Jesus Holler. It has just ceased to be an intellectual contributor.

      • Jabberwokk

        By design and by choice.

        By design because Marxist thinkers used Atheism as a means to their own ends. Christianity was the only threat to them so it needed to be removed. Now that that goal has been accomplished Atheists like Caucasian Gay men will be discarded. Look what’s happening to Richard Dawkins.

        By choice because intellectual discourse requires one to experience discomfort and to be directly challenged. The Church has become soft and irrelevant because they have chosen to be. Instead of champions like Jan Sobieski or intellectuals giants like C.S. Lewis we have to settle for Pastor smiles Joel Osteen.

        But to say that there is no tradition in Christianity of intellectual discourse and to claim we have nothing to add is preposterous. From the writers of old George Macdonald, C.S.Lewis, and G.K. Chesterton to the modern day thinkers John Lenox, Ravi Zacharias, and William Lane Craig Christianity has a rich tradition of intellectual thought. But it is mocked by anti-theists and ignored by the Church at large and so is forgotten.

        • With euthanasia, it is over.

        • Alain

          I believe the point was that there is no longer real intellectual discourse, not that it never existed.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Perhaps in the Anglopshere, but in the Francosphere Christian thinkers and philosophers write books that actually sell, sometimes becoming bestsellers. I am currently reading a fantastic treatise by Philippe LeNoir, a leading French thinker and former monk/priest. An incredible read!

    • Uncommunist

      Kantian ‘ethics’ are thriving.

  • xavier


    I disagree if you look under the surface there’s a thriving culture among the laity. At least the Catholic circles I hang out with. And it’s not not the Anglophones, the French and the other Latin Catholics are engaging a lot more than in the past.

    Personally given the coming persecution from the Moslems and the Leftist we’re going to see a lot of reconcilation between the demoninations.

    It won’t be rosy or straight line but there’s a growing readiness

    • With euthanasia, it is over. People will need to stamp out those who know what the 5th commandment means. By the way, I have been hearing all my life about this thriving movement among the laity, and all I can think to day in response is: It never amounts to anything because it does not change anything that actually happens.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Complaining to human rights groups is a complete waste of time for Christian living in America; it’s only a matter of time before extreme right wing groups have had enough and they begin targeting for assassination left wing student leaders and their enabling professors.

    • Justin St.Denis

      One can only hope.