University of Jordan Professor Ahmad Nofal on Orlando Shooter Evoked Western, Not Islamic, Model of Heroism; Homosexuality Is Imposed on the World by Global Zionism

Thing is he’d fit right in at most universities in the west.

The Gay thing would be regarded as a quaint cultural hiccup, most likely the result of colonialist hegemony.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Are you sure that’s not the Huffington Post?

  • simus1

    There are no doubt many degrees of mystery in the homosexual contortions “anti gay muslim experts” get into.

    Just like the common medical complaints brought to western MASH units and others set up in assorted Crapistans that often turn out to be STDs in “impossible” locations.

    The plainspoken cut to the chase Readers Digest version would likely run along the lines of people running muslim prison style countries have no problems with prison style nonconsensual forcible sodomy being a feature not a bug among the general populace, tribes, clans, extended families, and er, whatever.

    And if throwing some no name chump off a tall building or whatever gets rid of the grumbling for a few days, what’s not to like ?

  • marty_p

    So – “Global Zionism” is responsible for all the colon cowboys in the Islamic world?
    All those Bauchi boys are agents of Global Zionism?

    Jews are also responsible for poisoning wells;

  • HalcyonDaze

    You know this crap would actually be funny if it wasn’t for the trail of bloodied dead bodies these camel humping inbred’s leave behind.

  • Minicapt
    • BillyHW

      What would we do without universities?

      If only the prophet Mohammed had thought of not raping his enemy captives, just think what he could have accomplished!

  • Waffle

    Read Lewis. He so aptly describes their mastery of lies and insults. Whenever these “scholars” rave, I always have an image of Goliath, thumping his chest just before getting beaned with David’s pebble,

  • vwVwwVwv