The Rise Of Cultural Parasites

Culturally speaking, I worry that my generation of westerners has become a collection of obligate brood parasites. Like every generation before us, we want to see our values survive. Like our ancestors, we want to influence the world and leave our imprint on society. But unlike those earlier generations, we seem to have lost the ability to accomplish those goals by creating, building, inventing, and imagining. Rather, to better the world as we see fit, we employ the far more parasitic approach of seizing the nest someone else built and refashioning it to our liking.

  • Shebel

    It used to be, that you could differentiate between a ‘Victim’ and a ‘Parasite’.
    Now , they have become Synonymous—
    Except -none of them want to be called a Parasite.
    It is a word game.

    • Minicapt

      A ‘parasite’ would be a skydiving blog.


    • ntt1

      they build a shell of victimhood around them like a dragon fly nymph

  • Hard Little Machine

    The economy is trending to be simply people selling insurance to each other. The polity consists of the political/media elite, the civil servants and the poor. So soon we will all be min wage paper pushing clerks or welfare recipients. There is no more country.

    • simus1

      Japan’s government meets the definition of going slowly bankrupt via cheap money for their rent seeking friends. To be suddenly followed by unexpected rate hikes, financial meltdown, big time general disaster.
      Emperor Barry is much more subtle. Fiat money employs surplus to requirements unneeded teachers and civil servants whose taxes get recycled into paying for welfare and food stamps which in turn make WalMart the colossus it is today and ……………

      • El Martyachi

        Don’t forget the pension funds.

    • Shebel

      Don’t forget the Big Business with huge Lobby groups that survive on our tax dollars. They are the Masters of Victimhood .

  • ntt1

    in my industry out right piracy of ideas and methods is known as “taking it to the next level” which is apparently done by using cheaper materials cutting corners and hiring yes men.