Scott Baio: Obama only gets angry at Republicans

Obama: “My Muslim Faith”

  • Clink9

    Great clip with Scott Baio. He cuts right through the BS.

    • BillyHW

      I’m shocked an actor is saying this.

  • AlanUK

    “My Muslim faith”
    Slip of the tongue or a glimpse behind the (Wizard of Oz) curtain?

    • I would never screw up and accidentally say, “my Muslim faith”?

      Have you ever heard of anyone else ever make a “slip” like that before?

      The big Obozo just had a mental lapse while he was spewing taqiyya.

      Obozo is a Muslim. He proves it daily.

      • huron


    • memphis

      A Friuduian slip its spell wrongh but its the truth coming out no lie shall be hidden.

  • pdxnag

    Never yield, never, on “The Whole Religion” point; never. Of course it is the Islam, the core mainstream religion of Islam, that is hell bent on inciting followers toward world domination. So-called Muslims who reject the supremacist Islam game-plan can individually declare their personal apostasy from Islam. Those that do not, every last one, are foreigners among whom many are militant.

    Again, demand no less than apostasy at every point in the debate.

  • mauser 98

    “Scott confessed that he was informally banned from the Playboy Mansion
    once because he managed to bang a year’s worth of Playmates (all twelve
    Playmates of the month)”

    • huron

      that is one hard job

      • mauser 98

        including Price is Right Parkinson

    • PaulW

      Some of the names of the women he slept with … I clearly took the wrong career path or something. (Sigh.)

  • Alain

    It is more than that. Obama like short-pants Trudeau fly into a rage the moment they don’t get their way or someone disagrees with them. Normally this is the behaviour one sees only in two and three year olds.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I hear Hillary is the same way.

  • freakypete98

    I’m convinced Scott now plays tennis on the womens pro circuit and goes by the name Francesca Schiavona.

  • What did he say that wasn’t true?

  • Oracle9

    They ARE trying to destroy the American concept as it was conceived. Similar to Western European leaders and their respective nations. That’s the only logical conclusion, and fits completely into the radical leftist agenda as it was conceived.