No More Orlandos

The next President of the United States must consider acting on the basis of what activists in Northern Ireland used to call “the politics of the last atrocity.” The CIA Director John Brennan on June 16, 2016 provided official confirmation that despite the military and financial activity directed against terrorists in recent years, the efforts of the United States have not reduced the capability and global reach of ISIS. Brennan warned the country of the dangerous terror threat posed by ISIS and the large cadre of Western fighters on which it can draw.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Not even any Tony Orlando’s?

  • Hard Little Machine

    No. We have to stand back and let them own this. Let them tell us the next one isn’t Islam and the 10 after that. Let them tell us that buses full of passengers explode because bus companies do a bad job. Let them tell us airplanes fall out of the sky because Americans are too fat. Who cares. Just stand back and don’t say anything and let it all unravel.

    • Good point. Reminds me of the ancient Proverb:
      “Correct a fool in the error of his ways lest he continue in his error; correct not a fool in the error of his ways lest you become like him”.