Must be Ramadan… Islamophobes Kill 20 in Kabul, 14 in Algeria, Pregnant woman & husband tortured & shot by relatives

More than 20 dead in Afghanistan bomb attacks

Algerian troops kill 14 Islamist militants

Pregnant woman, 26, and her husband, 30, are ‘tortured and shot dead by relatives

Ramadan-Bombathon-2016 Day 14

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  • Hard Little Machine

    thankfully no humans were involved.

  • Americadies

    Ramadondingdong going well I see,

  • xavier

    Islam embraces the culture of death. To be a tad theological, all these blood sacrifices are because they reject Jesus cruxicifiction. By rejecting the blood of the Lamb the Moslems are erroneously committing the wrong sacrifices. Anyways I need to find Rene Girard’s books on the scapegoat to better acquaint myself with the concept